Sunday, May 4, 2008

I started teaching dance class loo ^_^

I just back from The Dance City/Yoga City, just finished a dance class..
But, i am not a student in the class ^o^ I am a teacher in the class of DCPC.
Today i taught them some Tap step/ Turning/ Triple run.. This time is more
more better than last CDPC class that i taught.. This time everything going
smoothly and my student knew what i was teaching.. Ha ha... Is because i am not
lazy, i went to Kinokuniya and Borders last week and bought some dance book/magazine..
1) Teaching Children Dance RM 150.00++
2) Yoga For Children RM 50.00++
3) Dance RM 15.00++
4) Yoga Life RM 12.00
5) Yoga Life RM 9.00
6) Dance Magazine RM 24.00++
7) Yoga For Your Type RM 50.00
8) Body Story RM 28.00++
9) Step By Step Ballet Class RM 50.00++

Wow!!!!! RM 400.00++~~~Damm poor now :(

But i think these books and magazines can for me to use for a long time :)
I can't shop in book shop, i will become poor girl~~~

Hope can get more job and earn more money lah.. If not, my bank book will show
RM 0.00 already.. Woooooooowooooowoooooo...