Monday, March 8, 2010

08032010 ^ bad night ^

Just a night!! i received few bad news~
Too suddenly ok!!! I really can't accept it~
Few of you are my best buddies~
Me cherish our friendship...
I don't wanna see any one of you argue!!
When u guys are argue-ing,really make me damn bad mood!
It totally effected my mood,i hope our chat room always happening~
My blog and my BBM chat room is the place for me to release stress~
To forget the sadness and cheersss me up^^
Humans are childish and never mature enough till the day of stop breathing~
But!!!!!!! Childish is not a reason to start a war or spoil some things are important~
Please...Cherish the friendship~
I don't wanna see the case between me and jamie happened again!!
The case really hurt me deeply and i will not forget till i died~
Chance is only ONE!! Talk some things before speak out from the mouth~
I support V ^^ coz i am a girl ^^

Talk about the *indescribable SWeeT*

Yesterday 07032010,darling viewed my blog~
I felt damn pai sei lo...
Some things i don't know how to say and explain then i like to write on my blog~
Because...* words * can help me to show off my feeling and what to say^^
Darling said after he viewed my blog,he felt very happy and loves me more and more,deeper and deeper~ is it true? the answer for myself is *i believe*
Darling said: NOW, he wanna make some promised to me~
I am not going to write the *promised* here,i will just keep it in my mind~
Suddenly,i remembered what those *guys* promised to me before~ and i also remembered what was the feeling when they broke the promises!!
I've told my ex,don't simply make a promise to me as i don't want get hurt and also don't want the feeling of *disappointed*
Because,until the last relationship..the same things r happened again and again!!
I mentioned before, *Forever?? NO such thing* i do hope the *forever* can appear between me & u ^^
*Forever* to me is,the time as long as we happy together~
I know my Darling sure can done what he promised to me ^^
Every times,while i reading your sms or fb msg.. the *indescribable SWeeT* always be with me ^^
Yesterday was talked about >Tattoo< with u~ hahahahaha
What u replied.....still remember?? i felt damn happy when u gave me those answer!! Super funny lol..

To my Man,
Actually,i am waiting for you to give me another 2 promises~ (secret) i will wait until u promise to me by yourself and from your *real heart*
another miss-ing nitezzz ^from your Bi^