Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I miss my Ballet Contemporary Tap &..........♥

I don't feel like to see something that related to performing art-Dances~
When i watching video drama movie related to dances..
when i listening music related to dance..
When i seeing something that related to dances..
My heart is feeling UNWELL !!!!!
It makes me think back my dance life~
My teacher and my students~ Feeling suffer!!!
Dances changed my life!
I'm a very BAD student to my teacher..
I did make her disappointed twice,i spoilt the promises!!
What if i am a GOOD student??
If Agnes is a good student then now she's enjoy the dance life in Vancouver now!!
No one could understand how suffer is my feeling every time i thinking bout Dance~
Especially Ballet...
Even just my Ballet leotard,Ballet skirt,soft shoes and pointe shoes!
I don't even wanna see all of these stuffs!!
I get all my dances stuffs hided in a box and just let *them* rest in my sister's room~
Tell me!!! How to forget my dancesssss!!!!!
Just now was too bored and naughty~
Searched for Dances video..Haiz.....
I shouldn't do that!! I am so regret!!

Ai Ren ♥ & Bastard !!!!!

I wanna find out the answer~
How come every time chatting or talking with my Darling ♥ also can't stop to laughing??
??????? ????? ???????
Especially just now,too FUN ^^
No one can replace you in my heart ♥
Do you know how special you are to me?
You are making my life become more colourful & meaningful,just because of u ♥
Don't know what will happen if my life without u..
Don't know what is the feeling if without u..
Of cause i do hope it will not be happen^^
About the *Dream*,how i wish it could come true sooner than i wish^
I ♥ U,My Darling Daryl..
But i think you prefer to listen it from your baby's instead of see the words only :p
Sorry about that,just now was super funny la :p
Next time i will try to control *a bit* yeah!!!

!!Bastard,Mr Nicholas!!
Just now this fellow BBM me,chatted with him for a while..
As usual,conversation as below :p (it's not a secret)
Nic: Hi,boring..wanna come out??
Nes: Don't want...My BF cari me later
Nic: OK
Nes: How are u?
Nic: Lonely
Nes: No outstation??
Nic: No,went to movie today,now at home
Nes: time u can try to invite me if i free
Nic: You got BF
Nes: Movie with NORMAL friend is OK...Doesn't matter!
Nic: Can't
Nes: Huh..Can't?? Why
Nic: Can't be friend..You are special to me
Nes: Oh...forget about it then
= Really damn bored while chatting with this kind of bastard!

P/s: That's the different feeling between Lover and Bastard :p
Cheersss ♥

San-gatsu Ni-ju san-nichi Kyo wa ka-yobi desu

Tadaima, tsukaremashita~

Boring day,since 10am start working till 5pm finish work..
Whole day just sitting on the chair and non-stop playing with my BB ^^
Raining like a dog,what the hell...Agnes is very hungry..
Onaka ga sukimashita!!!
But i can't cross the road and have my lunch in the mamak!!
What to do??? Wait until the Sky stop crying lo~
What the F..I think the sky upon on my office is just broke up~
That's why it's non-stop raining since early morning till now~
Agnes is super hungry..
Onaka ga sukimashita!!!
Nodo ga kawakimashita!!!
What to do??? Wait until 5pm,go home and lunch+dinner lo~

Today is only TUESDAY..
But people out there already want me to answer this weekend night life plan!!!
Lolx.. But i think this weekend will be a bit busy ^^
Where is Jaya One?? Wanna go there make appointment for S ^^
*Thanks Number and Celia for those advices*
My final decision is go for S and thanks for the support~
I'm brave enough because of you guys supporting me always whenever i need ^^
That's what i called *Best Buddies*

Today saw my Darling Facebook profile,the new status is *************.....
Damn fierce lo...hahaha~ That's him actually :p
But he told me he's CUTE~ wahahahaha
Yeah! You are so cute,every time when chatting with u^^
Darling,u damn stupid ^^ hahahahaha (don't ask me why):p

Renew passport?? I keep delaying to renew it since last year till now :p
Since last trip to go Thailand till now,don't know how many years d~
Renew passport?? Damn lazy :p hahahahaha
But..Because of U ..........>> Plan about it then^^
P/s: Don't forget you promised me that you will cook bacon for your baby's everyday when i be with u ^^
** Mata Kondo Onegai-shimasu **