Thursday, October 21, 2010

♥ 20102010 ♥ Engaged to JL

20-10-2010 is a special day to me...

Agnes Nes is engaged to Joe Lee =)

===== He knee down in such a sudden,

===== "Will You Marry Me" this sentence from his mouth,

===== I think he's playing with me, so i keep laughing,

===== He said: becox of too rush so didn't manage to prepare flowers & ring, But i got a heart & it's serious and true to you,

===== I still keep laughing and asked him to speak in Mandarine Cantonese Malay English & Japanese,

===== He did,

===== I was stone there & don't know what to say,

===== Does he just wanna have some fun with me,

===== Nope! He's serious,

===== I felt so sweet & touch,

===== My answer is.......... "YES"

===== He hugzzz me tightly, i feel so warmieee,

===== He said: Today onward i should call u "Lou Poh" ^^

===== I smile & give him a sweet kiss,

===== Thx to our lovely babes & sisters for those wishes,

--- Simple is happiness,
--- I don't need a rich man,
--- I don't need a handsome,
--- I don't need a man with BMW,
--- I don't need a man with banglow,
--- I don't need a man with lot of credit cards,
--- I don't need a man with whole body with LV Gucci Prada,

=== No matter how rich or poor u are,
=== No matter what car you are driving,
=== No matter what house you are living,
=== No matter what problem you are facing,
*** I'm & I'll always support you & stand beside you ***

--- I know you are not that type of person just know to talk and no action wan,
--- You aren't,
--- You are just too good to me,
--- I beg God,
--- Don't send other guys to me anymore,
--- I had him is more than enough,
--- I want him to be my last one and only one,
--- We promised each other,
--- Won't leave anyone alone,
--- This's the only one that we promised to each other,

=== He says it to me everyday, no matter how busy he's,
=== I miss you,
=== I love you,
=== And i know he really do,
=== Thx hubby for sayang me so muchie,

Well, nothing much to say..
Just sharing the happiness things to my lovesss..
Phewww... Should i tell my mom about this happy news??? =p

Sunday, October 10, 2010

♥ He 他 ♥

他 = 我的男人

他 = 苯苯的男人,因为他选择了我

他 = 有点儿胖了,因为他是我的食物垃圾桶

他 = 我的司机,终是把我送到我想去的地方

他 = 当我说饿时,他只有一句:走!你想吃什么,我们去吃

他 = 看到我在车里打瞌睡,只有一句:你睡啦!但他不知道我不想让他一个人闷闷的驾车

他 = 看到我在家打瞌睡,也只有一句:去睡,等下我会叫醒你!但我知道他不会,因为他不会破坏我的美梦

他 = 只要是我想吃的,他都会买给我,除了垃圾食物

他 = 只要是我不喜欢的,他都不会去做,只因为他不想我不开心和担心

他 = 只要一有时间,都会陪我

他 = 是一位会拒绝女生送上门的男人

他 = 不会对我说 -永远-,他知道我不会相信

他 = 对我说 -不会离开我-,但我只有一句:噢!时间会证明,男人!虽然我这么冷淡的回答,但我的心却是甜的

他 = 对我说他是认真的,我只有对他笑笑

他 = 告诉我他的目标 理想,不知道为什么,我总觉得他一定会做到

他 = 很有安全感

他 = 在专心设计屋子时,很有男人魅力

他 = 知道我不舒服,尽量赶来看我

他 = 在还没睡醒的时候,只要我说肚子饿了,他都会立刻醒来梳洗和载我出去吃

他 = 总是被我气得没话说,只紧紧的抱住我 =p

他 = 他说他要尽量做到最好,因为不要我失望

---》♥ He always hold my hand while driving

---》♥ I like to look at his face without any reason

---》♥ When he knows my body tired,sure will give me a warmie massage although he's tired too but still sayang me as much as he can

---》♥ He said he's my --YES Man-- because he never says NO to me

---》♥ He allowed me to go clubbing,promised each other must be --Understanding-- He won't control me and me too..He will send me to the Club and fetch me home after the party end..Actually,i just have one word for it --Sweet--

---》♥ He's the better man and i got him =)


Joe Leejz ♥ I Love You ♥