Friday, March 5, 2010

My current DarLing ♥

Until today,until now,Until this moment~
I still haven't inform any of my friend about my new relationship!
One of my best buddy asked me is it fall in love?
I didn't answer..
Not because i wanna hide or remain as a single and looking for another!
Is because it was just started,and i don't have confident for this ♥
As i know it freaking hard to maintain the ♥ between us~
I know u are working hard for our ♥
Really touching and thanks for your concerns~
Thanks Darling for the warmness~ for the sweetness~
I really can feel something *special* between us!
♥indescribable feeling♥ = from me & u

I am so touching ^^
Once your phone working,then u sms me~
And u told me u are really me miss me very much~
I asked u,how much u miss me and what's mean so much?
Darling answer:
So much means...Miss u until my mind is thinking about u the whole journey♥
*I think if u are a girl,u can understand how sweet when i received the sms*
Even it's just a normal and simple sms,but already enough for NeS~
I need a man to sayang me always,i am really tired of to be a strong and tough girl~
Some times,i really need a hug and shoulder~
I know it's hard to done by us,due to *far distance*
But,it's OK for me since i know u have to working hard and earn more $$$ over the country^^ I will be a good girl and waiting for you..

To Darling:
Not because i *kepoh* or wanna control u..I never think gonna control some one,really~ But,i really hope Darling you can stop smoking or cut down! I hope all my loves one also have a healthy body,so that i can less worries about all my loves one,especially my Darling~ I've a smoker before since few years ago,but i totally stop smoking at all,i did it,so i believe u can do it also ^^
Miss U and i really do ♥ *from NeS