Friday, September 12, 2008

Never forget

I have so much things to say.. I have so much things to talk.
I have so much things to think about.
But lazy to move my fingers to typing, lazy to open my mouth..
Lazy to use my brain..
So only write some in this post lol..

Today i went to a place, dislike the place..
I think no one would like the place.

The place make me so scary, worries, tired..
Won't go the place anymore i hope.

Tomorrow will going to temple (bai bai).
Hope god can forgive us!

Finding way to get more extra income.
If not, i don't know how long i still can (tahan).
After 4 months, should become more better i think.
Because the car load almost finish.
So every month can save RM800.. ^o^