Monday, August 4, 2008

22 years old birthday

22 years old this year already.. Why so fast?? Am i old?? Oh no!!!

This year, my birthday only celebrated with my family only...
Went to Ampang having a nice korean stone bbq steamboat..
Really very nice ^o^
RM150 only for 5 person..

Celebrated without best friends,friends~~
Nothing different..Really!!!
Without friends, i happy..
No many present, i happy..
Don't need waist much money, of cause happy lol ^o^

My birthday present for this year:
Light on yoga
Human anatomy book
and few dance magazines...

Not expensive, not special...
But i like it...
That's what i need and want and look for..

Next year 23rd birthday, i would like to ask them buy for me some dance cloths or shoes..
Expensive.. haha...