Monday, May 17, 2010

Bitch.. Emo Bitch..

***Bitch,Emo bitch***
Hey girl,stop acting innocent over there..
You are not OK! You are not!!
What you are have to facing now is just because you did the decision..
That's what you told me and now you are telling me *regretted* ??
Oh No Way!! I won't help you..
You are not a kid anymore..Please understand the responsibility..
Stop Emo-ing over there and stop affecting peoples that around you..
Do you know i was damn bored when peoples asking me how comes nowadays you are so emo..
We are tired and bored of talking about you..
Whenever they talk about you,i will only say stop talking about HER..
She wanna be an emo girl,she wanna act like so innocent!!
Lets HER be...
I swear,if you find something to argue with me,i will start it and fight with you..
Bitch, please listen carefully now..
I am not the one who is like to fight with people,not only you but everyone..
And i don't hope you are interested to do that to me~
Maybe i should ignored it since you are just a nobody..
However,if you are really interested to piss me off then just go ahead ^^

***complicated Relationship***
It's hard to explain to you since you are a guy and i am a girl~
You love her is because you need her OR
You need her because you love her??

I will say she's still loves you but giving up...
You still got the last chance since she hasn't got a boyfriend now but yet..
What you told me is you love her the most but in the same time,you love the current girlfriend as well...
You could only choose either ONE..
No any girls are willing to share a boyfriend with another girl~
Got it???
Friend,be steady and be stable!
Anyhow,i will support you always but please be understanding that i am a girl,it means i will support the girl the most ^^

***Counting Down***
Yippie Yippie......
Another 10 days to go,29/5 is coming coming coming soon :p
I hope everything are fine to me and the doctor's will tell me that Agnes is fully recovered :p
I can't wait for back to party life!!!
Damn no life in this month,hard to alive without alcohol and party..
By the way,it does makes my body and health becomes more healthy and slim slim :p

***Hubby ar Hubby***
I am so excited now!!
Although i still feel like dreaming now,because the decision u make was too suddenly...
But anyhow,i really really very very happy when i know you are coming back in Malaysia very soon ^^
My life will become more wonderful again because i got you..
I won't feel the loneliness anymore..
The most important is...Please clear the *hutang list* :p
Can't wait to see you ya my loveeeee...Miss you!!