Sunday, May 16, 2010

16051020 Sunday

Finally,it comes~
Just be mad at it~ Don't try to piss me off on these coming few days!
I really need a good rest~

Hairdo plan was postponed to next weekend as i couldn't make it due to some personal reason~
Went to Sg Wang with 2 leng lui & mummy for brunch (U-Village)
I bought a SK-2 cleansing foam and Shiseido eyes cream..
Some chocolates from Isetan..
Walk until i feel the pain like hell then i decided to stop shopping and go home~

Monday is coming again & i am waiting for another weekend ^^
Hubby is coming home........Makes me so excited^^
How wish today is already 31/5 but not 16/5..
Mr Daryl,faster book your return flight and let me know the date and time!
Fast fast fast!!!