Friday, April 30, 2010

About ...FAIR...

You were damn pissed me off today..
Don't ever to talk about *FAIR* this such thing to me anymore~
There's never no this such thing in this world~
Please be mature as you are not a kid..
Don't ever to ask me why why why how how how again!!
Think it before ask me...
I do hope you are not going to be another Jass's..
Something was changed didn't means it's only because of boss stingy or what!
Some rules created by boss is because of you..
And this time is 2nd times already!!
You should learn from the last lesson but u didn't..
And today u created another problem again and gets me into the trouble!!
What a GOOD job you did!!
Fair or not fair,it's never control by me...
And i never believed in it...
I just tried to fight for the best benefits for myself...
If you fight for it then maybe you can get it as well~
But u didn't..
So,please stop talking bullshit there..
I pleased you to stop creating problem..
I am not mature enough also,but at least better than you^^
Thank you for the cooperation~

My mom's told me that today 3pm my dad's was calling her..
Guess what!!!
Talk a lot of bullshit la...What else...
Saying that he will die soon,this time maybe is the last time can heard his voice..
He will left all of cash/saving to my mom's..
Ask my mom's turn on the voice recording and save what he saying on the phone..
Another stupid is Ah Ming Gor!!
I hated him so so so so so much...
After a long shit story..
finally,my mom's was angry..
So both of these 2 stupids were stopped the topic and end call...

I don't have a good father but i had a good mother's...
She's the 1 loves me the most and sayang me the most ♥
Love you mummy's...

You are SO cute ♥ hahaha...
As cute as my stupid laughing bear :p
=====> I never speak rude/bad words OK...
And YOU..Please stop ^^

=====> Remember that i am a GIRL ^^ xoxo
Can't speak those words in front of me even through just on the phone^^ YEAH~

=====> Passport~~~
Wow..time passing super fast,FFK my friends almost half year already :p
I have to REALLY take an action la...
Wake up early and go to the f*cking slow likes a turtoise government department for my new passport~~~
Is it possible it will be done in May'2010??
ha ha ha.....No one will know the answer :p
But..........this time is because of HIM ♥
So...........No choice..I am not willing to lets my ears torture by HIM :p

Yeah~~~Tomorrow is 1st of May..
Labour day's..........
Nothing's special!!!
Don't know all peoples out there happy for what~
I can't go anywhere also~ Damn...
I wanna go Bukit Bintang!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


♥ Party ♥
♥ Clubbing ♥
♥ Shopping ♥
♥ Beer Session ♥
♥ Crazy Gathering ♥
♥ Dating ♥
=======> My Life

But now..........
No party~
No Clubbing~
No shopping~
No Beer session~
No Crazy gathering~
No Dating~
=======> No Life

I can't take it anymore!!!
This weekend must go Pavilion or Bukit Bintang walk walk ^^
I want Nasi Lemak + Teh C panas with less sugar..
I want a cup of hot Vanilla..
I want a glass of ice chocolate..
I want a pack of cream puff..
I think that's all what i can eat!! Sigh...
I am not going to shopping and buy any new clothes!!
Since i couldn't be a pretty girl and go party!!
So,buy clothes for what???
I am SO poor la T_T

Finally,Agnes back to outlet and work^^
With her Dior spec and Juicy silver jacket^^
With her long hair and didn't tie up her hair^^
Without any make up^^
But peoples said i am look cuter than before ♥
**Hey,look like a little good girl**
I had never go to work without any make up even just a lip gross :p
But now i did and i feel SO fresh^^
Some more i can save a lot of time in the early morning^^
Because don't need to waste time for make up~

My Darling's can back to his sweet sweet home d ♥
You can have a very relax holiday,hibernate till you feel ENOUGH!!
Hibernation is always best ♥
But,do remember to sleep with your blanket ya~
I don't hope you will fall in sick,just like your baby's T_T
Darling,sorry to make you worried bout me ya~
I promised that i will take good care of myself OK~
I am trying my best...
Have a beautiful winter sleep ya...
I am here always miss you ♥ muacksss

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

♥ 非常にあなたを逃す♥

Sore throat,Fever and headache..
Didn't go work today,unpaid medical leave..
18 days didn't back to outlet already~
Sam decided going to resign and will only work till end of June~
And i do deciding about it as well...
Should i?

BBM with my dear hunnn ♥
Both of us also fall in sick! Damn pity actually~
We do know is because always play till midnight and too much parties then only becomes easier to fall in sick...
We do know OK...
But,what to do???
No alcohol No party = No life
That's life~
Even through we knew what makes us sick!
We talked about some Men topic as well~
The overall answer after what we discussed is...
Do not to believe what a guy talk to a girl ^^
If you choose to believe then please believe HALF...
Half is more than enough~
I really don't understand,how come you still wanna cheat her??
Lier is always a lier!
Non of my business actually~
I have always to tell myself...
I don't have the *responsibility* to help you to cover what u cheated at her^^
I am just tired of this such of bullshit~
By the way,that's your life...
I and we also not willing to help and get into the trouble^^

Went to see a Chinese Traditional doctor..
He said because i always play till midnight and too parties..
That's a most important reason to make my body becomes so weak!!!
My mummy's didn't say much...
She was just asking me,are you going to online till midnight in this few days?
I have to rest as early as i can..
So that i only can recover and to be a healthy good girl again^^

♥ My Love...♥
I miss your voice so much...
I miss you a lot..
I miss you more than i miss my Dad's :p
And i love you (for today) ♥
Everyday my ♥ for you is difference~
Today,my love for you is just like a dark chocolate~
How about you?? Do you miss me? ♥
I really wish you could be with me now,so that my head can lean on your shoulder^^
Especially when i get sick!
I need your sayang ♥
But,i do hope you can work harder..
That's most important~
I understood..The feeling when you are be alone over there was not so good~
But..that's your career ^^
Anyhow,take good care ya...Especially during Winter~
Lovessss you My Darling Daryl ♥

Monday, April 26, 2010

Medical leave..........>> END

Finally,removed those stitches~
Not as pain as i think ^^ *lucky*
But i still can see the scar,doctor's said gotta take about 3 months only will fully recover and disappear~
1 month cannot make up,sigh.....
Anyhow,i will take good care and be careful..
Thanks to my buddies for those *funny* concerns ya :p
Will meet up with you guys as soon as possible~
Don't ever try to makes me laugh (you guys are too funny to me)
So,please don't!!
You guys believed i will really punch yours with all my energy n power right^^
By the way,keep BBM ♥

Went to Mid Valley with sis's~
Both of us went to the camera shop~
Wow!! the Sony pink cam really very nice and beautiful ♥
It's SO match me :p
Then went to the Canon shop after that...
The new Canon pink cam also not bad..
Considered for so long already...
Am i too choosy? (i think i am not) ^^
Any idea?
Sony pink or Canon pink ya??!!!
I want a pink cam for my upcoming beautiful life^^
Hope it will save a lot of happy sweet memories for me
and darling when i be with him ♥
P/s: Buddies,i am gonna take as much as i can :p imao

Tomorrow will back to work...
17 days didn't back to my outlet already~
Mummy's said she will wake up earlier and prepare the lunch box for me^^
Because she is not allowed me to buy outside foods!
Thank to you ya my best ever mother ♥

I can't online till midnight already~
Darling,i am gonna miss you more and more,deep and deep ♥
Don't be a naughty boy OK~
With loves ♥

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday is coming

My brother's was helping me to clear all of those comic books~
Suddenly,my mummy's ask me did i read this card before?
Hmm.. I didn't~
This card given to my Ex by a girl when he was still together with me~
He kept so many presents from all those bitches..
But i didn't and never realized it...
How stupid am i?
By the way,it's not important to me anymore~
Don't have any feeling when reading the card~
Cause my mind is just thinking of my Darling but not others ♥
Today,just as usual~
I miss him so much ^^

Sony or Canon?
I ♥ the Sony camera in pink is because i like the outlook~
Damn match me...
And i created a name for it...Pinky...^^
Nice isn't?
But..Sony or Canon??
I ♥ Sony ... Others just saying Canon is better than Sony!!!

Tomorrow is Monday~
Will going to the same operation room to take out the stitches from the wound!!
Sure very pain!!! Scare me!!!
But never mind,i think i am tough enough..
Will be better after i step out from the operation room^^
Cheers ya~~~ can do it^^


Damn it...
So regretted to take coffee as my supper~
Its makes me feeling very suffer~
Hard to breathing,feel like to vomit and faint..
I shouldn't drink coffee la!!!

My 1 week medical leave is going to end soon~
! week didn't go out to anywhere~
Just be a good girl and rest at home...
Drink eat sleep watching tv online only~
Nothing else!!!

I don't want bread~
Don't ever to ask me eat breads anymore~
I am bored of it already~
I want pasta,pizza,KFC,MCD,Seafoods,Nasi lemak,Burger king!!!
I wanna go clubbing gathering movie yumcha!!!

Today saw a Sony Camera damn nice^^
Whole body in Pink^^
The price was cut down a bit already~
Buy or not to buy??
If i own the camera then i will take pic more often d :p
ha ha ha.....
Sure my buddies beh tahan me again~

Haiz...I have to breath slowly now..
Hope will feel better soon~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 5th day after operation...

I saw something from FB...
Maybe that's what we called as *Show Off*
Even through my eyes couldn't really see clearly for that~
But i still could get what i should see and should know~
FB is an amazing place to lets us keep connected~
I did say many times TQ to FB before~
It shown a lot of things to me...
It lets me to know a lot of things...
FB changed my life~
It was so unbelievable isn't??

Half year anniversary:
Broke with you already half year ^^
I am so happy that i still could remember the date..
But i almost forgot who are you ^^
Received your calls few times in a week~
I should say Thank you for your concern~
Others than TQ,i don't have any else topic to talk with you~

One year anniversary:
Wow~ I have been worked for BB more than a year~
I do love my job so much and my bosses as well~
Thanks ya bosses for those concerns and pampers~
I will work harder and not to be a naughty girl yea~

Another month anniversary:
Promised to HIM not to tell him about the anniversary,unless is 1 year~
ha ha ha ha ha.....
But i would like to say something to HIM..
Even my eyes not feeling well now..
But i still hope i can finish my typing for tonight~
Before my eyes feeling pain till the tears dropping!!
Please..give me 10 minutes..

Darling ♥
I think u must be worried me about my health and the operation (i guess)..and i do so~ Hope you can get well sooner than me~
Drinks more water and don't smoke so often ya~
Maggi is not really as good as you think la...Roti is better than it ^^
I hope i could take care of you when u are get sick ♥
Cook for you when you are hungry ♥
Massage for you when you are tiring ♥
Chat with you when you are boring ♥
Give a hug to you when you are unhappy ♥
Give a sweet kiss to you when you are happy ♥ ^^
But,i will never smoke with you when you are angry or stress ♥
Darling ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.....>>
I love you so much to do so~
My love for you will never changes~
Hold me and don't simple to lets me go...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am here

After operation,doctor's said i can't watch TV,can't play my BB and can't online~
Now,i curi-curi and come online for a while~

The operation really damn terrible..
I saw my eyes was non-stop bleeding,scary~
What's the feeling? Of cause is painful la...
I really tough enough..Went to the hospital by myself and i did drive my car back by myself as well even through was just finish the operation!
Give me a clap :p

I do miss my Darling very much ♥
But i can't really talk with him..
Cause i know once i hear his voice,i will feel happy then i will smile..
But,unfortunately..I couldn't smile and laugh~
I wanna recover quickly quickly quickly!!!
Darling...I miss you so much ♥ ♥ ♥

Time to stop online!
Feeling not well already~
Thanks to all of my friends for the concerns ya~
Will give you guys a call soon ^^ Don't worried me already OK~

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Finally,today is the last day to work for the crazy road show~
Fucking tired..
My lovely boss said because our BB sales already more than 400 units,so that will give us another RM 300 extra..Total is RM 650 ^^
Haiz...Better than nothing la~
I could feel that some one was mad at me! Haiz.....
I just ignored it...She is just a nobody to me~

Tomorrow is 19th April~
Will going to MV for my operation...
Scared scared scared scared scared..
Hope everything will going smooth~

I will have more time to update my blog since will on leave for 1 week^^
Not really in the blogger mood...
Wish me luck...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy week gonna start soon

Tomorrow onward,will be very busy for an event~
The roadshow will be end on 19/4,but i will only work till 18/4~
Due to i will be having an operation on 19/4 morning 1130am~
Wish me luck ♥

I am not the girl that u knew before already OK~
Half year ago,i miss you often,u were a important one in my life~
But u didn't cherish what u had~
a word *regretted* is always appearing in your life~
Always and will never disappear~
You are just a nobody to me after you make the stupid decision!
I am not SO cruel,i will still answer your call~

Can't online till midnight and chat with my Only One!
Feel so sad..
Hope his BIS can be activate as soon as possible~

Regarding yesterday~
What he gave me is *touching* again ^^
I really don't know what i can do for him since he did for me many things!
Am i supposed to ask him changes himself??
I just don't know why i wanted him to changes those things that i unlike??
Because i love him too much?

**Listening the 1st song that he gave me**
♥ Now & Forever ♥

To my Only One,
Darling...Now and forever,i will be your woman ♥
I don't wish the 2012 will gonna be happen,because i wanted you to spend all your times with me for the rest of my life,i wanna see you become an old man..Until Nes is an old woman but u still be with me,your jokes and funny actions will not be less and end for me!
I am gonna miss you badly..
Love you a lot and a lot ♥

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Party ♥ Night ♥

Saturday night = Party night ♥
Went to Sanctuary with~
Honey Janice, Dear Vege, Kristy,
Mandy, Nicholas Tan, Keneshiro, Ken Leong,
David Tew, Edmund Ee and 5-6 more kaki ^^

Sanctuary is a HOT club!!!
Yesterday those songs was not so really nice!
But still was happy dancing with those kaki ^^
Honestly,i don't really like those guys touch me when i dancing~
I am wondering how come those guys likes to touch our girls?
Not so good!!! Behave yourself what~
And the club got so many *lala zai & lala mui* hahaha

Party 11pm onward till 230am End~
I saw got peoples were fighting at outside of the club~
Wow..Was so happening :p
Lot of bloods..The guy was lie down on the floor~
Damn...So weird!!

I am very tired now..Lazy to tell you guys about all of the details :p
But i still uploaded some of those Party pictures...
Cheerssss ♥

Heading to the Club~

Nes & Honey Janice

Janice ♥ Kristy ♥ Agnes

♥ Love this pic ♥ Cute?? :p

Ken Leong forced me to take this pic ^^ haha

** Flaming **

Errr...No comment for these 2 guys!!!

~Those peoples really damn kacau~

♥ Earlier birthday kiss to my honey ♥

♥ 3:30am reached home ♥

♥ Love my BB ♥

♥ Last photo,time to bath before scolding by mummy's ♥

♥ Very tired & sleepy,but i still miss my Darling very much ♥
Can't stop to thinking of him~
How wish he could be with me T_T

Friday, April 9, 2010

♥ ♥ CNY ♥ ♥..........2010

Was having a happy Chinese New Year in year 2010~
The weather was super HOT!!
I rather stay at home instead~
But my job is a driver ♥
Job scope is fetching my family to everywhere @_@
Errr...The first CNY without Mr Mok..
Just.....Too.....Won-der-ful ^^ Yeah

Went to Number's hometown *Taiping* with my best buddies~
Thanks for the transport,the meals,the home stay..
Thanks to number's family^^

Attached some of the CNY dinner photos ♥

♥Nes with younger brother♥He sayang me very much♥
**But i always scold him** :p

♥The 1st family dinner in year 2010♥
Normally,only has 3 times Family dinner in a year..
As i only met my Daddy's 3 times for every each year!

♥Went to Sam's house before back to KL♥

♥Take photo....all the times..
♥Because i wanna remember everything in my life...
♥Ops..the nasi lemak very yum yum yummy ^^

♥Miss you ya Vivent♥
Taiping 2 days 1 night..
I miss my hometown *Pahang*

♥Darling Daryl.....This *duck mee* super yum yummy!!
Go for it with your baby's (me la) :p when u back to Malaysia OK ♥
P/s: But i don't know where's the place!!

**CNY dinner with buddies at KL Westin Hotel**
Damn expensive!!!!!

♥Wow!! We ♥ GUCCI.....

♥ Never stop to taking picture ♥ my hobby & our hobby..

♥Will never regret to take so much photos**
♥Photos = always remind me those happy & sad memories**

I ♥ Chinese New Year~ Do you??

♥ G6 ♥

Finally,i got the mood to updated some of the Feb'10 memories~

Clubbing ♥ G6 ♥
**last gathering**
(can say so,cause after this,everything was changed)

♥ before drink...damn bored ♥

♥likes to clubbing with my dear Chrys♥
**errr.....i am not that FAT as u see OK**
^camera problem :p^

♥non-stop photo-ing is what i always do♥

♥Just a memory & it will not be happen in my life anymore♥

♥peoples said i look like Japanese but not local,ya meh??♥
**Sometimes they don't even dare to talk Chinese & Malay with me,cause they thought i am not local!! Speechless**
♥Group pic♥ Party END..

It was a very fun night..
Thanks to the guy for paying the Flaming :p
**Me and Vent went to the bar and would like to order the Flaming,the guy came and said pay for us** hahaha
Sorry to the another guy,he would likes to buy us a set of shooters,but we didn't take it due to the bartender too slow to makes us the drink..
Anyhow,thank to you ya~
2am..Party end and went to Bangsar MCD for supper ♥

I don't think this happy memory will happen again~
Agnes misses you guys very much~

Thursday, April 8, 2010

~~~Let's pictures telling for my ♥heart♥~~~

Broke with my Ex about half year ago..
Forgotten what's heartache and painful..
And i never to give up for my love..
I've waiting for my love and wondering who will be my next lover and wish him will be my last ♥

Finally,my cupid came to me ♥ And he did bring you to me ♥
In the same time,your cupid's did it to you as well...
Our hearts>>>>>>>>>>Connected ♥

But,you are so far away~
I am waiting for you..
Distance>>makes us cherish each other more and more~

I do miss you every day and each moment ♥
I knew you are same as me ♥
What you did for me,i do know,that's one of the reason to makes me fall deeply for you ♥

You told me...
I hold the key for your heart ♥
It belongs to me and only me...
Now & Forever.....*sweet*

I only willing to let your hands to fit the spaces between my fingers~
Once you hold my hands~
Promised me.......
Don't simple to lets me go...♥

I just want you to give me a big hug..When.....
See me.....
Can you feel how sweet and warm? ♥

It's what i wanna give you ♥♥♥♥♥
a kiss without reason...
I will cherish every minute when being with you..

I wanna walk along the beach with my Darling,Mr Daryl ♥
Hold my hand...
Lets me lean my head on your shoulder...
Listen to the natural music by the ocean..
Tell me you love me so much ^^
One day,we will be apart..
I will be at the other side of the sea..
Our hearts>>>>>still connected ♥

We will be having a happy holiday~
Because we have each other~
Is time to say Good Bye..
And we don't know when will meet again~
Alone again..
But i will never be afraid...
Cause you are always in my heart to accompany me ♥

I am afraid to touch hold your hug you..
Cause i know..
I will never be able to let go ♥

P/s: Darling...Miss your voice again ♥

**to others..don't tell me u r envy him again ok^^***

All woman born for ♥ loving ♥

A little boy asked his mother:"Why are you crying?"

"Because I am a woman."She told him.

"I don't understand"he said.

His mum just hugged him and said:"And you never will."

Later the little boy asked his father:"Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?"

"All woman cry for no reason."Was all his dad could say.

The little boy grow up and became a man, still wondering why women cry.

Finally he put in a call to God, when God got on the phone, he asked,"God, why do women cry so easily?"

God said:"When I made the women, she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world; yet, gentle enough to give comfort.

I gave her inner strength to endure childbirth, and the rejections many times comes from her children.

I gave her hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complains.

"I gave her the sensitivity to love her children under any and all circumstances, even her children has hurt her very badly.

"I gave her strength to carry her husband through his faults and fashioned her from his rib to protect his heart."

"I gave her the wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but sometimes tests her strength and resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly."

"And finally, I gave her a tear to shed. That is her exclusively to use whenever it is needed."

"You see the beauty of a women is not the clothes she wears, the figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair."

"The beauty of a women must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where the love resides."

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

♥ Touching ♥

I'm going to write something about what's my Darling did for me^^
Because i do feel very touching and happy after i sent out the 1st
sms to him~
What he do for me is just makes me feel like to cry..
Nope! He didn't bully me at all~
What i meant for the *cry* is touching till i feel like to cry :p

He brings the tears to my eyes ♥
He makes me smile ♥
He makes me laugh ♥
He makes me mad ♥
I misses HIM like crazy ♥
I don't even want to lose you ♥
I can't imagine if the day without you ♥
I hope you are my last,Cause no one will treat me better than you ♥
No one could changes my love for you ♥

Just now,my Darling told me that he's learning hard to using his 1st BB~
I know he sure will pissed off when typing the keypad~
Cause it's really not SO user friendly :p
Have to take time to learn..But i am sure he can do it~
He told me that he want me to know everything that he do and changes about himself is just for me ♥
If you are a girl,i think u can understand what's my feeling when a guy do those sweet things to me ♥
Guys couldn't understand the feeling~
Never and ever~
It was too meaningful to me ♥
I do cherish you..Treasure what we having ♥

To my Darling Daryl,
This time i dare to say..Loves you FOREVER ♥

Topic 2:
Today had so many real stupids in my outlet~
Non-stop asking me stupid question~
Guess what i did?? :p
I've just shown them my *black face*
ha ha ha ha ha.....
I think they were get what i mean,so just said TQ and bye bye :p
Am i really so naughty??
Lolx..I kena marah by my Darling!!!
He said i am a naughty girl..Cause i didn't tell him about my health and keep those as a secret~
He gonna cubit my ass!! lolx
I promised him already..Will be a good girl and will tell him everything that i should let him know ^^ ♥
Every time when i talking about him or think about him...The smile always on my face♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~~~Mood = same as the weather~~~

Today had a very nice Morning..
Hot weather,Uncle Sun's was working very hard!
My mood was very good ^^
Until Afternoon,felt damn hungry already..
But canteen didn't open!!
Fine! Happened again!! Guess what!!!
What else??!!! gastric again..
Time to finish work and go home..
Damn it!!! Was stuck in the parking bout half an hour!
Wasted my time and i really very hungry!!!
Many months aunty didn't visit me already~
Again..My hormone really unbalance!!
Just because my life,my time,my meal...
Makes my hormone in unbalance situation..
Oh My God!! Damn weak...
Hormone unbalance makes my temper very bad..
Thanks to all my dearest..
Sorry to you guys because makes yours to worries about me!
I'm OK now..
Loves yours so much~
Every times,when i in a bad mood~
Only HIM could makes me happy~ Even just a call or sms~
Today,my buddy asked me~
Why choose HIM?? So far..Long distance good meh??
I just replied~
So far is OK...No answer for why i choose HIM :p
Love for no reason..Choose for no reason~
Then my buddy told me *i can feel that he's treat you good*
Ya~ That's why i love HIM so much~

Counting down~another 12 days to go~

Monday, April 5, 2010

Out OF Control

In a super bad mood,since morning till now..
Never has a smile on my face~
I just don't even know what's smile already..
Your guys one by one came and pissed me off!!
So fun huh??

Stop the topic as i don't wanna know any about the suck case anymore..
I damn angry at you..
I think you were know it...So??!!!
Can't you stop talking bullshit to me?
Can't you stop finding reason to cover your fault??
I know and we knew OK!
Please admit that's your fault,if you are gentlemen..
But,what i think is you are NOT..
I hope you will stop being a player..
We don't ever hope will bring along fruits and visit you at hospital one day..
You better pray for don't let me know more details about the case...
I can't promised myself will not going to scold you or you might not my friend's anymore~
You guys know me well,know what's my temper well~
I seldom treat a friend likes this way..
This time i did..
I damn angry at what you did..

When a good BF became a bastard..
When a friend became a stranger..
When a good guy became a public enemy..

I really very unhappy now..
Time could changes everything..everything and everything~



那如果遠距离他/她是愛你.但他/她耐不住寂寞而跟別人發生了關系呢?那算什么?? 有時候我真不明白什麼是真正的愛..就好像電影所演的.明明兩人相愛.卻跟其他人在一起了。


如果爱一个人而不能在一起对我来说太痛苦了. 如果不能在一起我宁愿不爱..
有人说爱得起也放得下... 真的可以做到吗?
如果可以很容易就放得下. 那叫做 *爱* 吗?


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love is♥..........Love is ♥.......... a complicated game

How many time is the heart can be hurt by guys again??

Love is a complicated game ♥
Once the game started,you might have a good prepared for the feeling of *hurt*
If you are lucky enough,then you can enjoy the happy ending..
I am not a professional good gamer..
I will only try my best to reach to the final point and enjoy the *happy ending*

Dear's told me...
Love~ can't blame anyone..
I am wondering is it true?

Enjoy single life?
But,girls are always needed a guy..
Need a hug..
Need a shoulder..
Need some one to pamper and concern..
And these are come from a man but not from friend or family...

Guys are the professional actor (cheater)..
Girls are always simple to believed what a cheater say..
Too many cheaters in my current life...
I looked like nothing..
But,actually i really very unhappy..
I don't want to give any advice to u..
Because i know you won't accept and listen..
Some one said,you will not have a good ending..
I agreed with it...Since bad guys will never got a happy what ^^
Really very bored to talk about the same topic with you..
Lazy and bored of listening your story..
As you said you are very PITY,but we don't know~
If that's called as PITY,please think for your pre-lover..
That's the *PITY* should say for..

You guys treated love as a game...
Guy is the controller..the gamer..
Girl is just under control by him..
Never say NO...Always accepted the false..
Always forgive the gamer even through the gamer always did wrong..
Simple to let the game over and start again..
= get hurt and hurt again and againnnnn!

P/s: If you tell me about how pity you are..
Seriously,i don't have any comment anymore~
If you'd like to change the friendship,then just go ahead and continue~
I'm sure u will lost all the friendship one day..
In the end,you are the loser..
Everything looks like changed a lot,included you~
Maybe,you never changed..Just because i didn't know you well~
But,NOW..I knew ^^
I'm gonna see what's your ENDING~
Don't say me never concern u ya :p
Don't let me to know anything else..
It means to influence my mood...
If you didn't mean to affect my mood and will not to do so~
Then please..STOP!
Otherwise,you will regretted...DEFINITELY...

Boring Sunday

Today is just another boring Sunday..
I thought i can finish my assignment,19 papers!!
But but but :p
Didn't done 1 paper at all..
Arrrggg.....Help me!
When i gonna done my 19 papers and 2 exams oh???
I am just too lazy!
I am bored of reading the anatomy book and the history~
Actually,i almost forget all about the history already :p
How how how??
Every time looking at the book cover,nearly faint..
Book cover only!
I took all the books out from my study bag,looking at them~
After few minutes..........
Turn on the lappy and online :p
And.....Till NOW!! What the hell i am doing??!!!

I ♥ Japanese~

I am looking at my study bag and thinking...
How come i still haven't throw the bag that u bought for me?
I should throw it into the rubbish bin half month ago..

Yesterday,accompany Debbie's went to a place do injection~
Wow..Damn scary la...
When i saw the bloods,i felt like to vomit!!
Oh My God!! My operation is coming soon le!!!
Very scared la..........

Pretend didn't see anything

As a friend,some times..
Should keep silence..
Should pretend didn't see anything..
Should act like don't know anything..
But,i am really unhappy to see both of you likes this!
Less than one month,everything just changed likes the hell...
No one can promised for the *forever*
Forever?? Please!! No such thing!!
I cherish the friendship,a pure friendship..
If one day,the friendship was changes..
The problem is just because of you..
I am a girl,i will stand at her side...
I could understand what's her feeling now..
Just fucking sad and suffer..
At the same time,what are you doing now??
When the girl that you loved in deep before,she's fucking unhappy,sad,crying now!! What the hell are you doing with the girl now??
Non of my business actually..
But i just Beh Tahan this suck bullshit..

Dear,be strong be tough..
Your Mr Right is on his way to you and i am sure you will have a fairytale ending^^
Don't forget you still have your Family and Friends here always support you..
Miss you and hope to see you soon~
Take good care @Aust...

1st weekend in April'10~

Went to Pavilion,Low Yat and Sg Wang...
My feet and legs really very very very tired and painful..
High heels all the day!!
Never cares about the painful and tired..
As i am still in love with it ♥

My Darling is just the only one could always make me laugh on the phone..
He's the only one could let me feel the sweet and warm..
Was so happy to heard his voice..
was so enjoy to chat with a stupid (him) :p
Especially just now the *call* ^^
A new happy memory~ Just Me & You ♥
My *lou Gong* ar!!! I miss you so much...
More than you think..
I won't forget our promises ♥ loves you..

Boring Saturday night,canceled all the parties!!
Seriously,i really don't like people FFK me!
Especially BOY GUY MAN!!
Who dare to FFK me,please watch out..Chance will only has 2..
You will permanently disappear in my friend list and contact list~
No excuse and *sorry*!!

Time to update some of my photos ^^