Friday, May 7, 2010

What do you want!!!!!

Dad, just tell us straightly!!!
What do you want?
Don't you know u keep doing those stupid things is really damn pissed us off..
Can't you try another way to concerns us?
Is that the only way that u could do for us?
I tell you,we are really disappointed at you!!
Stop talking those fucking words to makes my mom's unhappy n sad!!
I am so lucky that u never have my contact number..
If not,i will fucking regretted for sure~
Can't you don't call her when u are get drunk??
I really don't know what is in your mind and what are you thinking??
You are not a young man,but u are childish than a younger~
I know i shouldn't say it to you like that!
As you are my dad but not a nobody~

What the fucking feeling when dinner with you was just like dinner with a stranger~
I know if you are hear it surely will scold me or be fucking sad!!
But,i just say the truth..
Meet you twice in a year~
Family day?? what's that?
What does a father should do for a family?
For his wife & children?
U don't know what's responsibility!!
Maybe u have your personal reason,but u might to share with us coz we are a family¬
But you never!!

I wish my mummy's will be having a happy mother day..
Don't ever try to spoil her mood!
Mr Yap,thanks for your cooperation..