Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today is my friend birthday -Jamie-,i never forget her D.O.B!!
Last year,was celebrate for her b'day at KLCC Sakae Sushi with my
Ex boyfriend!
I bought a box of Dark Chocolate as a present for her..
She like it^^ Of cause,coz she told me she want dark chocolate!
This year,i didn't celebrate for her..
Because something happened in year 2009 September >< SAD!!
What i can do? I lost a best sister..
Everything keep changing!!
Cherish the relationship,friendship that i having now..
Because i don't know it can last for how long?
Is it longer than i think??
By the way, wish her Happy Birthday 26~

If i fall in love, it will be forever,
or i won't fall in love...
I always trust my feeling,it will tell me the
guy is it suitable!!
The feeling is indescribable,only Agnes can understand!
Even the person that i don't know much,but the feeling
is -true-,i will go for it as well~
The person that i knew since long time ago but the feeling feeling!Then no point to continue~
I just wanna be a normal friend with MR N,but he said he don't
want to see me loving other ><
So,what can i do? No feeling then what for continue?
Waste time! So i keep rejecting!
Got the special feeling with some one,so i like to chatting
with him..He can make me feel warm and happy and sweet^^
That's what the girl need and want!
I am planning to go for a short holiday trip ^^

p/s: Save $$$$$ lah NeS.. Always shopping shopping ><
Okies!!! I am trying!! But shopping can make me happy what!