Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24-03-2010 One Month and almost half year

Last month 24-02-2010,i remembered what i wrote:
***If i fall in love, it will be forever,or i won't fall in love***
I were fall in love ♥ So,i do hope it will be forever ♥

Today is a sleepy day (yawn)
Inside office was damn cold,went out for lunch,the weather was hot!!
What the hell,i can feel 2012 is coming up (OMFG)
Please don't!! I have so much things haven't do and yet to do...
I have so much things haven't see and yet to see..
I have so much things haven't listen and yet to listen..
Is it i watched too much negative movie??

Is it something happened??
Sorry..I really shouldn't told you~
My fault..
If i keep it in my mind,as a secret,then maybe you weren't pissed off~

Recently,few of my best sisters also broke up with boyfriend~
I can felt them are really Sad Unhappy Disappointed~
Even i don't feel like to go clubbing,but accompany them for beer session and until drunk is a must~
Hand them tissue is my job~
My shoulder is always available for you guys~
Remember what we always mentioned *No Men Won't Die*
Next month 16th,already broke up with him 6 months~
I didn't realized that it is almost half year~
I am thinking back the time,the moment,the day that u said wanna broke with me!
I am thinking back how sad were i.....
I am thinking back how much tears were i fall for you~
I am thinking back how tired when i cried~
I am thinking back how painful~
But,NOW..I feel nothing~
Some more wanna say TQ to u..
If you didn't make the decision,then now i couldn't together with my Darling~
So,TQ wor Mr Mok ^^
you never let me feel the happiness~
You never let me know what's pamper~
You never let me feel the sweet when a girl receive flowers from her love's one~
You only want me to understand what's ladies but not gentlemen~
I've be your personal driver for the pass 5 years~
Dating??? Did you??
Your times is only enough for your others girlfriends but not me~
Your sweet words is only for those bitchiiee but not me~
Any how,it's not important anymore~
If you are reading it now..Please don't angry..
If you are angry..Just give me a call then~
Because you still owe me a *SORRY*

I do hope all of these bad things will not be happen in my life anymore~
By the way,i do really in love with you, my only one^^
You are the one could make me happy..
And you are the only one can let me think of u in the whole day..
Miss you..........>>
I wish you can face to face and say *I Love U* to me~
I think i will not forget the sweet moment until i leave the world~
You are making me to fall for you deep and deep!!!

My fucker sister!!!
When i were a teenager,same age as you..
I settle everything by my self...
Please don't ask me do anything for you..
Can't you be strong and tough??!!!
Don't you know your elder sister is damn stress??
I hate people create problem to me,don't make me in trouble!!
I am tired of to be a strong girl...