Sunday, March 28, 2010

♥ Only you and just only you ♥

The smile on your face,let's me know that you need me ♥
there's a truth in your eye's ♥
saying that you WILL NEVER LEAVE ♥
the touch of your hands ♥
says you will catch me,whenever i fall ♥
***I will never ask for more than your love ♥***

Only you could brings me happiness~
Only you could let the smile appear on my face~
Only you could cheers up my bad day~

Just now almost argue with my Darling~
I damn scared..
I know he's cares about me,concerns me~
Actually,i am worrying..something.....
By the way,i could feel that he was damn angry and disappointed just now..
Sorry my Darling~
I am very happy^^ Because just now i did chatting with him on the phone^^
The feeling is just toooooo GOOD~
Even when the conversation starting we were unhappy~
Thanks for the *chicken* yea ^^
Let me make my Darling back to the Good Mood ♥
Don't ask me why is the chicken :p (secret)

I do hope i won't meet any bastard in the future!
Thanks~ Because i really dislike got any unhappy case!
God bless..

Bad Sunday~ I just feel like to cry..........

I will keep silence from now on...
Don't wanna tell people anythings...
I will just keep it in my mind...
What a stupid girl i am...
What i bad luck girl i am...
Nobody understand my situation...
Nobody understand my feeling...
What i want is just a normal life with peaceful~
I am tired of those *fucking* life...
I were success out from the bad life~
I started my new life since one year plus ago..
I already don't care and no feeling with what others people talk cock behind of me~
You guys don't understand me,never mind...
You guys free to talk bad at me,i don't mind...
But..i were away from the bad life and really don't wanna remember those bullshit anymore~
Please don't remind me!
I tot today is a beautiful Sunday,but it definitely NOT!!
I am feeling so sad and down!
I am working hard to stop my tears falling~
God's,can i just have a normal life?
I don't wish for anything else~

Abnormal.....You are bad than a BASTARD!!!

Mr N...Just now u really seriously pissed me off!!
I so regretted to BBM you!!
If not about the profile pic,i will never wish for a chance to talk with u!!
Really wasted my golden times!!
And you were definitely spoiled my Saturday pretty night!!
I dislike the way that u talked to me!!!
If u didn't make me angry,i weren't type the F to you!!
You shouldn't replied me: Fuck?? Come la
What the fuck is that? Is it the way u talk to a girl?
You are bad than a bastard!!
I am seriously..You are make me ANGRY..
I just can't forgive what u cheated me just now!!
When i knew the truth,u gave me a reason..
You said it wasn't consider as Cheat..It is tactics!!
It seem like not your fault!!
You lonely then please look for *alor chick*
Don't kacau me!!!
Don't ask me out for movie..I will not date with u!!
And you are so weird!!
Alone watch 4 movies!! You are not a normal human!!
You should stay at Tanjung Rambutan there!!(if i not mistaken,the place is suit him right)
I am now could understand how come your Ex girlfriend did that at you!!
If i am your girlfriend,i will do so!!!
Don't try to spoil my mood anymore!!!
You are bad than a bastard!!!
You are stupid than a stupid!!
You are so rude to a girl!!!Damn you!!
Really don't want to waste any time to talk you d!!
Let me back to my pretty mood please..........