Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August'08 ~~Yoga~~ YTC~~

1) Blair~~Me>Agnes Meisan~~Chris~~Julia

2) Celebrating with all YTC students for Blair&Julia

3) Last day 12/8/08>>The Dance City<<
2008 yoga teacher training course students

4) Agnes Meisan/Julia Graham/Emma and 2 litter sisters
>>Kuala Lumpur Pavillion<< for lunch ^o^
Hi all ^o^ almost 2 weeks didn't add new post already..

I just completed the YTC class,theory part.. Now starting a new part of YTC>>observation and
assistance.. And already started to teaching yoga class lol
I just started my new job in TDC, today is 4th day already lol
Actually nothing special, just do some easy paper work and teaching class only...
But just the first four days lol
Every Wednesday and Thursday i hadda wake up at 630am, because need to start work at 730am.. Yes!! Is morning, not evening!! Damm...
Already don't know how many year didn't wake up before 11am!!! Shit lol
Try my best!!! I will try to join the yoga class at 830am and 930am..
And no forget to do surya namaska- sun salutation.. haha...
I will see how long i can tahan (^_^) Give me some times lol
Never work for full time job!!!
All the jobs that i worked before are less working hour and with high pay!!!!!
Basically RM120 for 4 hours or RM240 for 6 hours~~
Can easy to earn up to RM3000-5000++ every month..
Now long working hour with low pay, but never mind~~~
Because i am under dance instructor trainee..TRAINEE without experience..
The offer from TDC is good lah.. As long as i can accepted lol

Talking about YTC first:::
I really like our theory class teachers..Blair and Julia..
Not only me, all of us also love and miss them so much...
Hoping they will come Asia again.. So that we can learn yoga from both of them..
Hope can make it soon... ^o^
Julia said she planning to go Bali, so we can go Bali join some yoga workshop with her..
Good ^o^ Make it as soon as possible
Importantly is save more money first.. Am i right??