Thursday, March 11, 2010

110310 @ unh@ppy D@y (wanna release stress)

Today very unhappy!!!
Some one told me some things that make me not feeling well,angry,disappointed~
In the end,of cause make me unhappy lo~
Regarding the *Friendship* i don't know how come suddenly became like this~
*Forever* NO such thing!! This is my 2nd time to mentioned about it~
I don't hope i will mention the 3rd time!!
Otherwise,i rather to give up every things and please leave me alone..
Let me live without any one~ I don't want to listen any thing~
Don't tell me any thing~ Don't ask me any thing~
I'm really tired of it...I just wanna live in peace..
I don't want to listen any of the friendship problem..I don't know the truth..Don't ask me to give any comment..
Don't tell me others people bad things as i not interested to know~
Even the person is BAD..also not my business..and not your business as well~
You told me that,maybe just wanna concern me...Maybe!!
But,somethings only me know the truth..
I tired of listen the different story from the both sides!!
What can i do for your guys?? You guys are really important to Agnes OK!
I very stresssss laaaaaaa............................
I need to take care of my family already very tired..
I don't wanna get stress from the friends side,please!!
Like that,who should i talking to???
I kept too much things and secrets in my mind...
My memory card already full!!! I don't want save any unhappy or sad things in my memory card anymore!
I do hope you guys can settle the problem as soon as possible~
After this week,i hope can out for gathering with yours again..
I got many things wanna share with you guys!!!

I am so sorry to my pet *Tobby*
What i promised to him,i never done any to him even one!!
I spoiled all the promises..
My mom's told me,if he knows to speak,sure will tell me *I Hate U*
Sorry..I didn't take care of u as i always give many reasons!!
I got times to go for clubbing,beer session,gathering,party,shopping......
But i never spend my times for u..
I think is because of your *Dad's* !!!!! He also spoiled all the promises to me!
You shouldn't involved into it~ I am not a good mummy..Sorry!!

Was in a bad mood for the half day..Sorry to my Darling~
Don't know how to tell u those things,so i choose not to tell~
I don't wanna be a girl just know to create problem to people especially my Darling^^

I think i am a strong girl,i think i am tough enough.. one knows~~i am really tired to be a strong girl..
Some times,i hope...don't be a strong girl,don't be so tough!!
I am just a little girl,a normal girl,a non special woman!!
But,i never know what is *peace* what is *pamper* what is *soft*
Thanks my Darling,you are the one who let me know what is *pamper*
You are a special one to me...
You are different,not same as my ex bfs and admirers ^^
Don't know how to describe~
Maybe this is a most special case in my life~
Maybe this is the *miracle* in my life~
Maybe this is the special gift from Cupid's in my life~
Maybe the God's knew i tired of take care peoples,so sent you to me^^
Maybe Maybe Maybe.....
I don't care all of the *maybe*
As long as i am happy to be with you NOW and FUTURE~
Recently,you are the one always make me happy~
You are the one can let me forget about *sad* unhappy* stress*
Unbelievable isn't ????? But,it is true!
How lucky am i NOW?? & i do hope my future also can be the same~
Because of u..I will be a lucky girl forever ^^
Yuhooooo~ Feeling much better now ^^
A brand new day ^^


JessieYJS said...

I am always here for you =)