Sunday, March 28, 2010

Abnormal.....You are bad than a BASTARD!!!

Mr N...Just now u really seriously pissed me off!!
I so regretted to BBM you!!
If not about the profile pic,i will never wish for a chance to talk with u!!
Really wasted my golden times!!
And you were definitely spoiled my Saturday pretty night!!
I dislike the way that u talked to me!!!
If u didn't make me angry,i weren't type the F to you!!
You shouldn't replied me: Fuck?? Come la
What the fuck is that? Is it the way u talk to a girl?
You are bad than a bastard!!
I am seriously..You are make me ANGRY..
I just can't forgive what u cheated me just now!!
When i knew the truth,u gave me a reason..
You said it wasn't consider as Cheat..It is tactics!!
It seem like not your fault!!
You lonely then please look for *alor chick*
Don't kacau me!!!
Don't ask me out for movie..I will not date with u!!
And you are so weird!!
Alone watch 4 movies!! You are not a normal human!!
You should stay at Tanjung Rambutan there!!(if i not mistaken,the place is suit him right)
I am now could understand how come your Ex girlfriend did that at you!!
If i am your girlfriend,i will do so!!!
Don't try to spoil my mood anymore!!!
You are bad than a bastard!!!
You are stupid than a stupid!!
You are so rude to a girl!!!Damn you!!
Really don't want to waste any time to talk you d!!
Let me back to my pretty mood please..........