Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I miss my Ballet Contemporary Tap &..........♥

I don't feel like to see something that related to performing art-Dances~
When i watching video drama movie related to dances..
when i listening music related to dance..
When i seeing something that related to dances..
My heart is feeling UNWELL !!!!!
It makes me think back my dance life~
My teacher and my students~ Feeling suffer!!!
Dances changed my life!
I'm a very BAD student to my teacher..
I did make her disappointed twice,i spoilt the promises!!
What if i am a GOOD student??
If Agnes is a good student then now she's enjoy the dance life in Vancouver now!!
No one could understand how suffer is my feeling every time i thinking bout Dance~
Especially Ballet...
Even just my Ballet leotard,Ballet skirt,soft shoes and pointe shoes!
I don't even wanna see all of these stuffs!!
I get all my dances stuffs hided in a box and just let *them* rest in my sister's room~
Tell me!!! How to forget my dancesssss!!!!!
Just now was too bored and naughty~
Searched for Dances video..Haiz.....
I shouldn't do that!! I am so regret!!