Sunday, March 14, 2010

^..........I only wanna be with U..........^

Before Darling called,i ready to press the button and post the video~
When i thinking of u,u gave me a call ^^
Really make me laugh till damn tired!! But i like it lo^^
I wanna speak out something from my mind~

>..........I only want to be with you..........<
I don't know what it is that makes me loves u so,
I only know i never want to let u go,
Cause u started something, can't u see,
That ever since we met, you've had a hold on me?
It happens to be true, i only want to be with u,
It doesn't matter where u go or what u do,
I wanna spend each moment of the day with u,
Look what has happened with just one kiss,
I never knew that i could be in ♥ like this,
It's crazy but it's true, i only want to be with u,
Now listen Darling, i just wanna be beside u everywhere,
As long as we're together~Darling i don't care,

Seriously,13-03-2010 before 12am~
* I miss u & love u * 1st time spoke out these words~
The feeling is sweetest than i expected ~