Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stressssssssss & in a relationship

Recently damn stress~ Really make me super tired..
Almost everyday go for beer!!!
I understood alcohol can't help me solve all the problem..
But,what to do???
Luckily,some one taught me:
Smile at the problem ^^ I am trying to make it to possible~
Fine!!! Stop talking about my sad unhappy!!!

In a relationship ^^ a relationship again^^
Fast isn't?? lolxx
This time is having a very special relationship with Daryl^^
Far distance love~ Super far..
I don't know how will it work? success??
Because it's a impossible mission~
How to maintain the relationship without meet with each other often??
This relationship can't work like what a normal couple doing..
Such like*
lip2lip hand2hand shoulder2shoulder chest2chest face2face
Even shopping, dining, movie >< all are impossible!!
Maybe we can only meet each other 1 or 2 times a year ><"
Hmm.. But,it will make us more cherish this special relationship!
I hope this impossible mission will be a success case in my life~
Your friend's told me that you are a good guy,a caring guy,a smart guy!!
NOT a player..
I believe..My 6 senses..My feeling...
Even your *look* not like a good guy..hahahahaha
I think when my mummy's see u,sure............ ><"
But my mom's damn open minded la!!! No worries~
As long as you treat me good and got career ^^

P/s: To my Darling
Darling ah...Some times i really feel like to hold your hand,
give me a kiss,hug me tightly,especially CLUBBING together^^ Yeah~
I don't know la...Just got the feeling to need that from U~ I know
it's hard to make it...So i can only dream about that! Darling,earn
more money and come back ya^^ I will try to go SA meet u..Actually i
like SA but u always mentioned that is a shit country ><" haha...Miss u
and Love u~
From your Bi^^