Sunday, April 4, 2010

1st weekend in April'10~

Went to Pavilion,Low Yat and Sg Wang...
My feet and legs really very very very tired and painful..
High heels all the day!!
Never cares about the painful and tired..
As i am still in love with it ♥

My Darling is just the only one could always make me laugh on the phone..
He's the only one could let me feel the sweet and warm..
Was so happy to heard his voice..
was so enjoy to chat with a stupid (him) :p
Especially just now the *call* ^^
A new happy memory~ Just Me & You ♥
My *lou Gong* ar!!! I miss you so much...
More than you think..
I won't forget our promises ♥ loves you..

Boring Saturday night,canceled all the parties!!
Seriously,i really don't like people FFK me!
Especially BOY GUY MAN!!
Who dare to FFK me,please watch out..Chance will only has 2..
You will permanently disappear in my friend list and contact list~
No excuse and *sorry*!!

Time to update some of my photos ^^