Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday is coming

My brother's was helping me to clear all of those comic books~
Suddenly,my mummy's ask me did i read this card before?
Hmm.. I didn't~
This card given to my Ex by a girl when he was still together with me~
He kept so many presents from all those bitches..
But i didn't and never realized it...
How stupid am i?
By the way,it's not important to me anymore~
Don't have any feeling when reading the card~
Cause my mind is just thinking of my Darling but not others ♥
Today,just as usual~
I miss him so much ^^

Sony or Canon?
I ♥ the Sony camera in pink is because i like the outlook~
Damn match me...
And i created a name for it...Pinky...^^
Nice isn't?
But..Sony or Canon??
I ♥ Sony ... Others just saying Canon is better than Sony!!!

Tomorrow is Monday~
Will going to the same operation room to take out the stitches from the wound!!
Sure very pain!!! Scare me!!!
But never mind,i think i am tough enough..
Will be better after i step out from the operation room^^
Cheers ya~~~ can do it^^