Wednesday, April 7, 2010

♥ Touching ♥

I'm going to write something about what's my Darling did for me^^
Because i do feel very touching and happy after i sent out the 1st
sms to him~
What he do for me is just makes me feel like to cry..
Nope! He didn't bully me at all~
What i meant for the *cry* is touching till i feel like to cry :p

He brings the tears to my eyes ♥
He makes me smile ♥
He makes me laugh ♥
He makes me mad ♥
I misses HIM like crazy ♥
I don't even want to lose you ♥
I can't imagine if the day without you ♥
I hope you are my last,Cause no one will treat me better than you ♥
No one could changes my love for you ♥

Just now,my Darling told me that he's learning hard to using his 1st BB~
I know he sure will pissed off when typing the keypad~
Cause it's really not SO user friendly :p
Have to take time to learn..But i am sure he can do it~
He told me that he want me to know everything that he do and changes about himself is just for me ♥
If you are a girl,i think u can understand what's my feeling when a guy do those sweet things to me ♥
Guys couldn't understand the feeling~
Never and ever~
It was too meaningful to me ♥
I do cherish you..Treasure what we having ♥

To my Darling Daryl,
This time i dare to say..Loves you FOREVER ♥

Topic 2:
Today had so many real stupids in my outlet~
Non-stop asking me stupid question~
Guess what i did?? :p
I've just shown them my *black face*
ha ha ha ha ha.....
I think they were get what i mean,so just said TQ and bye bye :p
Am i really so naughty??
Lolx..I kena marah by my Darling!!!
He said i am a naughty girl..Cause i didn't tell him about my health and keep those as a secret~
He gonna cubit my ass!! lolx
I promised him already..Will be a good girl and will tell him everything that i should let him know ^^ ♥
Every time when i talking about him or think about him...The smile always on my face♥