Friday, May 14, 2010


I am really very down now!!
You were spoil my Friday..My happy shopping day..
Why you treat me like that? Why??

After tonight,we won't be friend anymore even through just a friend~
As you tell me *As you wish*
Stop talking all of the old memories to me...
My new life was start and i love my new life with my new friends new buddies & my hubby very much~
Stop contact each other and just treat me as a stranger OK...
This is the last time to talk about you and HER..
In my future,my life won't have both of you..
We don't have anything related to each other anymore~
Everything is totally END and no next time~
Forget all of the old memories as i really don't wanna remember and talk about that~
From now on,we are the stranger to each other~
This is what i wish and what i want~
Delete my contact number and i did so...
I am here to wish you will get your dream girl...Take care~

To YOU..
What's your purpose to doing that?
I wish you can stop to view & read my blog...
If you really wanna piss me off then i have to inform you..
You Will Regret!!!
Can't you stop all the childish actions?
I was QUIT...
You could just do whatever you like but don't get me relate into it!
No next time thanks! I don't wanna listen anything about you!!
Stop all over it!!!

What a bad Friday~
Forgot bring the charger back home! Tomorrow morning hadda wake up earlier and go take my charger!! Sigh.....

All of us are counting down for you^^ Welcome back in Malaysia^^ Soon.......
I won't be alone anymore~
I wish you are here now to accompany me when i down...