Saturday, March 20, 2010

20032010 Home alone

Today is my off day..Slept at 4am and woke up at 10am!!!
Yesterday my Darling busy for meeting,didn't online chat with me~
But i didn't feel upset and angry OK ^^
Whole night was busy for msn and online only...
Some one told me and discuss with me many things..
Thanks for those advices ^^
Actually after chat with u,i felt a bit not well *heart*
Some time,know too much things that happened before is not really good~
It was really effected my mood and decision..
What if the case will happen,then i will choose *Disappear* without any reason~
That's means i *disappointed*
Not good to make too much promise,coz in the end,all promises will spoil & gone~
Talk is easier than do...
My mind my heart was in *negative* for the whole night and until this morning..
After i read an essay from a friend,i laugh at my self..
I am a stupid actually..
I think i should stop thinking about those rubbish!!
And believe him..
Every thing are keep changing..
Maybe nowadays he is already another good man & i willing to trust him..
Time will prove me ^^
I don't hope i will get hurt anymore~
I hate the feeling of *pain*
I wish i won't get hurt in the future~
Maybe..I should stop listening and thinking!!

I saved all the msg that my Darling sent to me~
Included what he promised to his baby's ^^
The day that he spoil the promise,the day i will delete the msg!!
The day that he done what he promised to me,the day i will delete what i listened from peoples~

But,after read the essay in chinese..
I feeling much better ^^
Darling...Can't wait to see you ya~ Miss you ♥
♥ You are so meant to me, you to me are everything ♥