Saturday, March 20, 2010

When Cancer met Sagittarius= Not Match (sure my Darling pissed off) hahaha

When these two meet, sparks may fly, but not necessarily the right kind. Sadge may come across as a player, casting a wide romantic net, which sets off alarms for the security-minded Crab. Cancer may intuit that it can trust Sadge, but be unsure of how deep their affections run. One innocent, but blunt comment from Sadge goes straight to the heart of an exposed Crab. The Archer has adventure in mind, and the sensitive Cancer may have trouble keeping up. Cancer needs to sidestep into things, while Sadge shoots forward like an arrow. If Cancer gets clingy, Sadge is likely to shoot right out the door.

In a relationship, there's a built-in friction, given that Cancer desires domestic bliss and the Sagittarius spirit cannot be tamed. But with other harmonies in the charts, it could be a relationship full of growth. Cancer admires the vitality of fiery Sadge, and this inspires the moonchild to be more active. Sadge has a light nature, free of emotional underpinnings, while Cancer feels its way through things. The difference in orientation can be unsettling for both, and lead to misunderstandings galore. Cancer may think Sadge too superficial, and the Archer finds the heavy drama of the Crab to be a big drag.

A creative living arrangement, like Frida and Diego's adjoining houses, give each the space they need. Cancer needs time to process and be still, and Sadge is a lone adventurer at heart. Sadge models a way of living free of emotional moodiness, and helps Cancer see beyond their own world. Cancer can be a nourishing presence to Sadge, offering a home base to return to between travels. This is a quirky pairing that pushes each other's buttons, but with the potential to experience life in a totally different way..

P/S: I am wondering that what's my Darl thinking now and feeling now ^^ Sure pissed off after he read this post! But i already told him that don't read my blog ^^ hahaha