Sunday, March 21, 2010

21032010 Sunday * Not to believe *

Some one's told me that he will chat with me at 9am(Malaysia 3pm)
Actually i never believed guys can be on time!
That's why i told him,can sleep late because today's your off day..
But,he said: don't always sleep till late,have to wake up earlier~
Hmm..So,i trust him lo!!! Then then then then then...

Sunday morning i woke up at 9am! After bath...
Heading to Pavilion for breakfast and do some shopping~
Rush back to home because some one's said he will online at 9am(3pm)..
So...So...So...Haven't done my shopping(Pavilion many shops also ON SALE)
But,240pm something i decided stop shopping and is time to go home~
305pm reached home!!! After bath then online!!!
But But But!!!!! (Nothing to say) hahaha
Maybe he's still sleeping or busying (Maybe)^^
Maybe got others reason but not important anymore~
Because now is already 4pm~

Changes topic:
Saw few bags damn nice,but my mummy's told me not nice not nice and not nice!
Get what she means right?? hahahahaha
The Anya bag very nice la,some more is cheap!!
Less than Rm 1k is consider cheap compared with others..
Forget about it,wanna save money for study and eyes treatment!!!
Recently,i got a feeling...*Boring KL life*
Can i dating with some one?? Boring laaaaaaa
By the way,don't simple believe in what a GUY promise you ^^
My experiencessssssssss..... :p hehehe