Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday night

My Darling called me at 6pm...
The reason for he didn't online is because network problem and blablabla la...
Spoil my lovely Sunday mood la!!!
Not his false..
He was drive to a town till the network ok and give me a call~
Any how,could get to heard him said *i miss u & love u* to me ^^ Enough for my day~
Hope my only one's is enjoying his Sunday ya...

Tomorrow after work will going to New York skin care center for some treatment..
What a tired day!!
Hope tomorrow can chat with my Darling lo...
By the way,i just register a new Digi number ^^
Especially for my Darling~ Coz the sms and call rate to S.A is damn cheap!!
Celcom very expensive!!!
So,the Digi number only for personal use only ya~
Darling's not on the line,so...i think i should off line now d!!
Bless me will have a sweet dream because tonight without *Good Night & Miss U* from my Darling..