Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30032010 Tomorrow is 31032010

Another brand new month is coming up...
Thanks you for the *accompany* in this month..
Do you still remember what we did on the date of 010310 ??
I will never forget ^^

Here are something wanna tell you:
Darling ♥
Thanks everything in the month~
:thanks for the pampers
:thanks for the concerns
:thanks for the times
:thanks for those sms
:thanks for those msg
:thanks for those love songs
:thanks for calling
:thanks for all of the sweet words
:thanks for your true heart
:thanks for your honest
:thanks really changed for those bad words
:thanks for your dating menu
:thanks really willing to changes SE to BB
:thanks for.....everything!

1st day of March in 2010 is a meaningful date to me~
Today,i just wanna say TQ to you..
No miss you and love you..
Because..........Because.......... :p
(don't wanna tell you guys)^^

My operation date confirmed!!
19th April'2010 11:30am
After operation,stop party and clubbing for 1 to 2 months!!
Oh My God!!
No alcohol,ginger,seafood,fried food,kicap,itik,sotong,egg and blablabla.....
I think this time i am gonna getting a lot of breads for the whole month..
Breads,nasi putih,pure vege,mee kosong and porridge only~
Only can online for a while,only can watch TV for a while..
Can't sleep too much~
So,i think i will just study at home...
Since i still got few of the new books haven't read yet!!
Yea~i should do it this way..