Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a dream ♥ a hope ♥ a wish ♥

I still remember i had a dream,
since so long ago and till now..
I still remember i had a hope,
since so many years ago and till now..
I still remember i had a wish,
since when was a little girl and till now..

I wish i could have a BIG teddy bear in chocolate colour~
Since i were a little girl,i wish my parents will buy me a teddy bear...
Since i were a teenager,i wish my friends will buy me a teddy bear as a present..
Since i were fall in love,i wish HIM will buy me a teddy bear without any reason..
But,just a dream..
All of you bought many presents to me,but no one is teddy bear~
Every time when looking at the teddy bear,i wish i could bring you home...
But,it's meaningless..So i never buy for myself~
Just said Bye Bye and hope will see you in my room ^^

My mummy's promised me,she will buy me a Ballet music box with Ballet music..
But,how many years already??
I still haven't get the Ballet music box!!

Everyone got their own dream ♥
And mine wan just a little dream~
A dream bout can get a teddy bear and ballet music box~
Some time,dream is beautiful..
Maybe,it's just a dream..a beautiful dream that always in my mind ♥
I have a dream ♥ that i wish one day i will dance on the big stage~
Solo...Only Agnes..The stage is only for me...
But i know it will not be possible happen in my life anymore~
Because,it's just a dream..
Every time,talk about Dances..
Only one feeling..SADNESS~