Thursday, March 25, 2010

Damn it

Damn it! What the fuck is the *contract* !!!!!
What the fuck is the operator!!!!!
What the fuck is the stupid service!!!!!
What the fuck is the stupid country!!!!!
All are bullshit!!!!!
I really can't understand!!! Pissed me off!!
The only way can hear your voice is by *call*
Now,telling me that can't make oversea call~
I'm not angry with HIM..
I didn't angry at all..
I just damn upset,unhappy,beh song,sad,disappointed ONLY!!!!!
Nothing else~
I will be OK,i will feel better when i could stop thinking of u~
I don't wanna talk bout it again~ Damn!!!!!

Yesterday night hungry till this afternoon only cab had a little meal~
Gastric again!!
Just now while i taking bath,thinking of HIM till forgot to wash my long hair!!!
lolx.. Shouldn't to think so much :p

To the *person* that make my Darling pissed off:
Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
kome kome kome kome kome kome
My heart is feeling unwell since yesterday midnight till now..
Sorry ya!!!
I really don't know the *thing* could be so serious!
I never know they will take this kind of action ar!
I never know HE was damn pissed off and filled of anger!!
I just don't wanna keep it in my mind and make my self emo~
That's why i asked HIM about what you told me as i wanna know the truth~
You are consider is my *friend*
Because i can't keep that as a secret then make you in trouble~
Even not my fault..But,it was because i told HIM..
Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
I hope you are alright..
Today you didn't online,i'm worry about you is it OK???
Because i really don't know what they will do at u~
Once again!!
Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry ya!!!!!
Forgive me...

Where are you when i need you??
What are you doing when i thinking of you??
Do you know how much i miss you now??
Because of your stupid contract!!!!!
Make me damn NO MOOD at all!!!!!!!!!!
Damn it!!!!!