Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't let me too FREE

I would like to make my life become more and more BUSY~
Thinking to get some event jobs on every weekend~
Should i back to the Carlsberg job??
So that my schedule is totally full ^^
I have no time to thinking rubbish anymore ^^
Wanna back to Japanese class but i damn scared alone go into the building!
It's really dangerous if only me a girl~
I don't dare~ My dear sis J... I miss u so much,don't u know?
How wish u will accompany me again for my Japanese class~
I miss the times when we were crazy shopping at Bangsar~
I miss the times when we were high tea at Bangsar,Pavilion~
I miss all the times when we were together~
Unfortunately,it will not be happen in my life anymore!
Chance only has one~ and i never cherish it~
So,i lost a best ji mui forever~
Don't let me too free,as i always thinking rubbish!!!
Guess what??!!! Agnes is thinking rubbish NOW ^^
I am thinking a lot of shitsss NOW..
Yea~ Coz i am damn free NOW ^^