Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am thinking about my future study.
Where should i go?
NYC or Canada?
Any comment or suggestion to me?
I told my bf, he is so happy that if i leave to oversea for study.
Then he will be alone in Malaysia and be more free.
He can date with other girl and can go wherever without inform me.
That's what he answered me after i informed him about this news.
Make me so angry!!
Then i told him, he need to on his computer every moment!
So i can chat with him every day with using the webcam.
I am so happy that i can study in oversea.
What i need to do now is work hard,get more income,save $$,
get more dance experience from teaching and class,
learn english, practice yoga and dance everyday!
I believe i can do it. ^o^

This Friday me and Rachel will going to astro for a TV show.
Rachel will appear on astro (huan xi tai) a hok kian channel.
I will accompany her, i promised Ms Liew that i will take care of her since Rachel
don't have much experience of it.