Thursday, April 24, 2008

新发型 好运来啰~~~

I just cut my hair and did reponding ..
Why suddenly did it???
Is because in this year, my life became bad and bad..
So my darling and my mother ask me to change new hair style
and cut a bit ^-^
After i cut my hair, i felt my life really become good and lucky :)
I get more jobs after i did it~~ Means i earn more and more money loz~~
hahahahahahahahahaha ^o^
So isn't a good news??
Now what should i do is work more hardly for all jobs and learn
more hardly for all kinds of dance a_a
If i still believe luck and still be a lazy girl, don't think i can go
oversea on coming year :)
Hope this new hair style will keep bringing me more good luck and
more jobs and more more money ^o^

Monday, April 21, 2008

Final Decision





Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bad :( Sad :( Stress :(


I hate these few days, all the bad things came to me!!!
I hate working, hate driving, hate meeting, hate all the client..
Why?? Why me???

Why now a day, work in line of event/modeling are so difficult!!!
Why all the client are same?? All delay payment..
Cheating my payment, only few thousand ringgit..
Just a litter money also don't want to pay me!!!
I need to use my money to pay my girl?? No way!!
What can i do??? I only can try my best to keep calling, keep asking them everyday~~
Waist my money to sms and call them, actually my money is not worth to use for that bad
client, right??
Why?? Why me??? Why play me???

Really feel like to stop all the jobs and stop every things in KL.
I wanna leave from KL~~~
Don't want to stay here anymore..
Don't want meet all event freelancer, don't want meet my friends!!!
Only connect with my darling and family~~~

Where should i go???
A place of peaceful/happiness/fresh air/nobody know me~~~
Ya~~~ Ice island~~~ ^o^

Go alone!!!
Nobody accompany me, nobody chat with me, nobody ask me,
nobody play with me, nobody share food with me!!!
Having 3 meal alone, read book alone, sleep alone, dance alone, sing alone,
play alone, shopping alone, walk alone, watch TV alone, drink alone, swim alone,
clubbing alone~~~

Bring 2 bags~~~
few tops, few pants, few skirts, few dresses, 1 slipper, 1 spot shoes, 1 shocks, 1 high heels,
all makeup tools in a small bag, sun glasses, some medicine, ballet tap jazz point shoes,
yoga map, note book, pen, book, map, hand phone, cash, credit cards.. That's all~~

Don't ask where am i~~ Don't ask who am i~~ Don't ask my name~~
Don't ask my age~~ Don't ask where i from~~ Don't ask how long i stay~~
Don't talk to me, just leave me alone..

I won't stay in hotel, because i am just a poor litter girl~~
My money only for my meal,dance class fees..
I will try to work in dance school and sleep in dance school..
So that i don't need to pay for accommodation :)

Just dance for whole day.. No stress, very relax to enjoy my whole day :)
That's what i need now~~

Thursday, April 17, 2008

开始教舞蹈课啰 ^o^

Am i a top student in ballet class?? haha... don't know!! Only know that i am a lazy student!!
So i stop to dance almost 4 years..
But this year 2008 i decided to continue all my dance classes..
But need a lot money to pay the fees ya~~~
So i decided to supply girl to work as a dinner girl in night club.
Only this way i can earn more money and got time to go for dance classes..

Today i think is my lucky day,because aunt Amy's told me that,my lovely teacher Miss Liew's
asked me start to teaching dance class.
So happy but afraid something..
Because i am not really understanding what is CDPC class..
So i don't know what should i prepare?? what should i teach??
what should i tell my student?? What should i wear??
Ballet mix yoga?? Yoga mix jazz?? Ballet mix modern dance?? Tap mix mordern dance??
I'll try my best~~ I believe i can do it well~~
I can't make my teacher/family/boy friend/friends disappoint again~~

all of them will supporting me always right??
Tomorrow wanna go KLCC Kinokuniya book store buy a book.
Last few day i bought a book from there-Step by Step Ballet Class-..
This time i want buy -How to teach children dance-..
I think i need it and the book is useful for me~~~
RM 100++ is that worth??
Why all dance books are so expensive??

Thursday, April 3, 2008



瑜伽是我新生活的重要部份.. 以前喜爱舞蹈的我,从未想过要接触这门神圣的运动~~
但这门运动越来越热,越来越多人学.. 我真不明白??
但今年因为某个人 某个原因 某个机会下,我和瑜伽结缘咯~~~
就是这样,我>>美杉<< 爱上这门辛苦但我享受的运动~~ :)
那种筋~~肌肉的疼痛... 我已习惯,也学会享受 :)