Friday, March 26, 2010

Especially to my special one ♥ * The day i fall in love *

Just an ordinary day ♥
started out the same old way ♥
Then i looked into your eyes and knew ♥
Today would be a first for me ♥
The day i fall in love ♥
On the day i fall in love ♥
Sky will be a perfect blue ♥
And i'll give my heart forever more ♥
Just someone who is just like you ♥
The day i fall in love ♥
People all say love is wonderful ♥
That the bell will ring,the birds will sing ♥
The skies will open ♥
Wonder where's that great big symphony ♥
Roll over beethoven ♥
Won't you play with me ♥

The day i fall in love~
The last i fall in love for you~
And only you ♥
And forever ♥

Love ....................>> of the day ♥

Chatting with you guys~
Few weeks didn't gathering,many things also didn't updated with me~
How come many of you guys damn unhappy recently??
I hope all of us also can be happy..Everyday and each moment~
All of us because of *love*,became a sad soul...
Love is too complicated~
Think too much will only makes you guys more suffer~
So,chill la OK ^^

My Baby's Boy:
Your Baby's girl is miss-ing your voice ♥
how can u make me miss you so much?
Do you know no one couldn't make me miss some one so much like you??
Never and ever~
Even any of my Ex! Not much like how much i miss you now~
You are just same like those *drug*,you poison my heart~
And my heart is needed you everyday ^^
How can my life live without you??
How can i live without your voice,your msg,your sweet words and your concern??
You were makes me fall for you deeper than you think~
Do you remember what you told me on yesterday??
We promised each other,will try our best to do not argue with each other^^
I'll try my best to make you happy whenever you in a bad mood~
Because i know you will do the same way to me~
Promise me,don't leave me alone.....
Promise me,don't argue with me.....
Promise me,don't let my tears appear on my face.....
Promise me,don't let 3rd party spoil our relationship.....
Promise me,don't make me worry.....
Promise me,only can pamper me.....
Promise me,only can let me stay in your heart.....
Promise me,share all the sadness with me but not only happiness.....
promise me,accompany me whenever i need you.....

I could understand no one can completed all the promises~
No one is perfect in this world~
In the end,all the promises will spoil one by one~
I am happy that you never promised me anything BUT..
You told me you will try your best~
It was so good to me since i knew *promise* is just a boom!
When the promise gone,i won't too sad because you never promise to me^^

My Ex boyfriends did it,you guys did a good job!!
You guys simple to gave me promised~
And all of you spoiled all of those bullshits...
Talk is easier than do...
But don't simple talk to a girl~
Because girls are always believe in what a guy talk to them~
Love is a drama,we are an actor..BUT..Sorry~
I'm not a good actor..
I don't know how to act happy or unhappy~
I don't know how to simple to let my tears falling~
What i know is only use my true heart to love you~

Maybe,one day we will back to a normal friendship~
Maybe one of us hurt each other~
Maybe one of us do something wrong~
What i can promised you is only
*i will only remember those happiness*
What i want is be with you till the heart stop beating^^
I ♥ U
P/s: Hope doesn't make all readers feel *geli* la :p