Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16032010 ♥ *** Sweet Morning Call *** ♥

Early morning 9am,my BB suddenly ringing~
Ops..My Darling calling and is 3am over there..
Was so surprise and wondering how come my Darl calling me in the midnight~
Of cause i did ask him about it~
But,he is just said that because miss me lo ^^ *sweet*
I can't stop smiling over the phone~
It was really SWEET and HAPPY!!
And he told me after chat with his baby's sure will sleep well~
*Sweet* the feeling is super sweet,no word can describe on it~
At the end .....Love U.....
A simple ~call~ cheers up a day for me,because is U ♥
What if others guy call me in the early morning??
Oh!!! No please..I never and will not pick up the phone and answer!!!
Cause u guys are not special to me ^^
Unless, u are my Only one's ♥, my family's ~~
By the way..
Ai Ren.. LoVe ♥ U

I am planning to take a photo shoot with my dear~
Since she was agree with it ^^
Police woman?? Nurse?? Teacher?? Student?? Bunny girl??
OMG!! what should i wear for the photo shooting??
But,i am sure it will be a nice shoot^^
Can't wait for it!!!

***** Now & Forever, i will be your man *****

Darling gave me a song...Now and Forever~~
I like it very much...I like the lyrics...
Now and forever, i will be your man..
It was make me feel the sweetness again and again!
And it will never END..

Today is my off day,but very busy~
Cleared my messy room and all my clothes and shoes!!
And i threw many of my old clothes ^^

By the way,i damn lazy to continue writing..
Just wanna share the song ^^
Once again..i like the song from my only one's very much ^^