Thursday, April 24, 2008

新发型 好运来啰~~~

I just cut my hair and did reponding ..
Why suddenly did it???
Is because in this year, my life became bad and bad..
So my darling and my mother ask me to change new hair style
and cut a bit ^-^
After i cut my hair, i felt my life really become good and lucky :)
I get more jobs after i did it~~ Means i earn more and more money loz~~
hahahahahahahahahaha ^o^
So isn't a good news??
Now what should i do is work more hardly for all jobs and learn
more hardly for all kinds of dance a_a
If i still believe luck and still be a lazy girl, don't think i can go
oversea on coming year :)
Hope this new hair style will keep bringing me more good luck and
more jobs and more more money ^o^