Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lose to myself

I am feel sad and emo now..
Why suddenly remember the dance & yoga life again?? I thought i can forget it?
I admit i miss my dance world so much and couldn't forget it till death..

Am i a loser? I lose to myself...

1st time to give up:
I couldn't accept i stopped dance classes for 3 months, cause i can't catch up all the new skills in a week! YES!! I am so stupid, but no one understand what's the feeling that i had.. I am not strong enough when i was 17 years old, so decided to give up my wonderful and meaningful dance life~
I disappointed a person so deeply until now i still can't forgive myself!

2nd time to give up:
I was back to my world again, i took International Yoga Teacher Training Course..
Started to teaching Yoga,glad that many students also like my class and teaching style..Actually just because i got HER, she makes my teaching skill be the best...
But,it was the 2nd time i disappointed her again..Sorry!! I will never forgive myself...This time,i lose to myself again!!Because of some issues..

My friends, My family, My dance buddies...All of them are supporting and pushing me back to the * Dance World *.....

I am asking myself, is it so hard to make a decision??

I bet no one is understand how's the feeling when i give up the real world of me!

Peoples said: You are born to live in the dance world, God's given you the potentials and so many chances..But why don't you stay and continue??

Now, God gives me the 3rd chances.. But should i?
How come suddenly give me a chance again?? I am not so in a mood!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

♥ Agnes Nes ♥

Welcome myself back to the blog~
I've been stop blogging nearly two months.. I wish in the future i can share all my happening life here with you guys ^^

I did say it before " Single life for two months " and now i did it...
However, is time for me to look for another man =)
I think i am ready for a new relationship, no rush but looking ^^
Actually i am very enjoying my recent life, always outing with my babes & friends~
So, maybe still will being as a single girl ♥

Now i only realized that got many peoples also think Agnes Nes is a playgirl and playing around.. Just because of my outlook and what they see, never know about me... But it's alright, cause i also asking myself, AM I ?? I admit i am playful but haven't reach the level of PLAYGIRL..

Honestly, i am very friendly, even though is new friend, i also can treat you as a best friend.. But what others people think is Agnes Nes is flirting around.. - Speechless -

I am open minded, but not that kind can simple O N S with peoples OK?

I ♥ clubbing, ♥ alcohol, ♥ dancing, ♥ chit-chatting..It's my life, no one can stop me or keep telling me what bad on these activities!
If you love me then must accept my life~
Will trying to cut down but will never stop~

Still thinking should i back to my dancing life?
Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, Modern dance, Yoga & Pilates... I miss all of my students very much!!! I felt so touching cause i always received my students msg from FB, they said: Teacher Agnes, i miss you, when you come back and teach us...
Seriously, i feel like to cry when every times i see and read it...

Every times when i thinking my dancing life, i feel so sorry to some one~ What i owe her will never able can return to her.. What she gave me is just too much and i disappointed her too much!!

Japanese class:
Oh My God!! It's August!!! And i am ready to back to my Japanese class student life... Feel so excited, can't wait can't wait ♥

Will update some post about life of Agnes Nes On June & July ^^
Once again, welcome myself back to the blog ♥

To my Babe Elin, Happy Birthday ya~~~