Tuesday, March 9, 2010

< .......... I ♥ U .......... > 09032010 evening

I like these 3 words:
1) I
2) Love ♥
3) U

I can always see these 3 words in my sms or msg..
Some times.....i got a mood to listen these 3 words..
But,still have to depends on who is talking it to me ^^
Of cause NOT every one,the feeling is totally different!
Just now i heard it from U ^^ the feeling is sooooooooo...
If my Darling is in front of me,sure i want him hugzz me tightly,
and i wanna give him a deeppppppp kissesssss ♥
Hmm.....My Darling hutang me many things d !!
Every things also hutang hutang hutang !!! ha ha ha
I think i will forget what u hutang me leh..Coz too much d !!!!!
Some things,i can check back my msg inbox,but sms can't lo...
Coz my BB unable to saved too much sms @_@
I like Darling pamper me so that make me more interested to bully him ^^
Just now after work damn blur blur...
I told my Darling Mickey Mouse is CATTTTTT !!!!! Shit lo...
Hope he will forget what we talked through the phone just now!!
Hmm..International call damn expensive right??
Nothing la...............

To my CAT ♥
I will try my best to don't make u worries about your baby OK ^^ try try try!!
Today saw your FB there * Tobbaco Sticks Forever * WTF!!!!!!! Btw,not going to control u as i can't also~
LoVeeeee U Darling ^my ♥ one^

09032010 Food Poisoning !!!!!

OMGggggg!!!!! Yesterday and today kena food poison-ing~
Vomit + Stomachache + Faint
Hate malay food !!! Or my stomach tooooo sensitive ???
I have no idea ^^
I've make *some one* worried about me~ Keep asking me must see doctor~
But.......i damn lazy :p
So So So...i just took some ubat at home :p i think will be OK soon^^
Tomorrow the BB event will start lo...Until Sunday > super tired for sure!!!
First day hadda wake up at 7am and reach SW at 9am!!! Hate KL traffic,always JAM!!
Boss.....Extra $$$$$ please ^^

Nitez alone

It was *Happy, Fun, Nice, Great, Sweet, Warm = LoVe *
While talking through the high technology with u ^^ (phone la,guess what)
Times really passes very fast...
People said: the *time* can pass super very fast than u think if you enjoy the moment~ For me,YES!! Totally agreed ^^
Miss u Darling...(that's what i wanna tell u NOW) ^^
I will remember what u said wor~ about the Vege and Maid ^^
Really can't wait to see u NOW!! My hands is damn itch~
U should know what i gonna do right??

Why i wanna write all the things here?
Is just because it can REMIND me EVERYTHING ^^
DONE!!! I think this post could remind me everything that what we talked just now ^^
Nitez Nitez every one~