Monday, March 22, 2010

A day of..........PK !!!!!

Well,Agnes is just came back from her favor palace~
Guess what!!! Dang Dang Dang Dang..........
Spent 3 hours for a facial and eyes treatment~
Signed up a RM6600- 20 times eyes treatment plan (5 months plus)..
Hehe...I get special discount RM900 and get 1 free facial spa and some product~
Well,in the upcoming 4 months,i will stop shopping at all~
No nice food,no sing k at all~
Makan roti ^^
(i like bread,especially those with cheese,butter,chocolate,bacon,ham,hotdog)
You guys sure laugh at me,why so stupid to spend so much money just for my face,skin?
Hmm..I think it's worth..Because i'm a girl,i'm a lady...
Make my self become more pretty for what?
Please la!!! It's a very stupid question~
Of cause is for guy for man for Nan Ren!!
Do you think a guy will like a Pork Chop? No one will answer me YES ok!!!
That's why~
I rather to eat roti everyday and stop shopping!
I can accepted it~
But i can't accept i'm not pretty at all!!!!!
So even PK,still will make a same decision ^^
P/s: What a coincidence!!! My beautician name is Kenness ^^

Yesterday,My Darling S.A network down for the whole day!!
Damn it...
This Monday morning,7am checked my BB...
FB 9 new notifications..
I opened the inbox and saw 2 of the unread msg is from my Darling ^^
OMG!! It was really *Sweet* and *touching*
I like whatever he gave me and told me ^^
I love him so much! ♥
Today,i asked him,why love me so deep??? ♥
What does he answer to me??? (secret) ^^ ♥
It was makes me sososo touching ♥
I never know that you are a Romantic guy ♥
Here i wanna say and i never do it this way~
MR Daryl Leow Ken Jian...Agnes Yap M.S lovesss you deeply ♥♥♥♥♥
And forever ♥
Because u said u hope i can hold the key for you for the rest of your life~
Muacksssss...My kisses for you will never end!!