Thursday, April 1, 2010

01042010 1st day of April

Agnes is very happy!!
Just because of received her Darling call^^
It was very happy when talking with him on the phone..
I miss his voice..
Just now we did talk about the Chinese words :p
He don't even know how to write his name in Chinese but he told me that he'll learn how to write the *love* in Chinese ^^
Have a bet then..
I bet him won't learn and will never know how to write :p

I do have so much things would like to share with yours..
But,this time i just wanna keep all into my heart and just me and him know~
It's just belongs to me and him..
All the sweet memories and sweet talks ^^

Weekend is coming^^
I am still consider Saturday's wanna go KLCC Pavilion and Bangsar with Debbie or not??
Out of pocket!! Damn it...
But i decided to stop shopping since i still have a lot of new clothes :p
Spend money for my face and skin is much better than clothes ^^
Support my decision OK~

I have something would like to tell you,seriouslyyyyyy!!!!!
But not here!!!

To all my dears * by NeS *

Maybe you didn't need him as much as you thought you did..
When it was over you cried like the rain,
Just so the world could feel your pain...
You really did feel so lost without him,
But now that he is gone your not gonna look back...
And when you realized you were probably better off without him,
Was the best thing you ever did..
He really was your everything,
Maybe now he known he's lost his biggest fan..
You remember all the time you wished you never met him..
Cause sometime you still think it...
So now your still left searching for that one boy to prove you wrong and show you they're not all the same...
Maybe you still think about him..
But what difference would it make???
Even though you miss those days when,
He would just phone you for no reason...
Send you those texts that you found so hard to delete...
Put a smile on your face when no one else could..
And even if it was him who make you cry he seemed to be the only one who could make you stop...
You still think about what went so wrong..
Even though its too late...
When he said forever you were stupid enough to believe him..
So your left thinking when he said he loved you,did he ever really mean it???
That's when you remember nothing lasts forever..
You remember how it all started..
Even though you try to forget...
It's so hard when you see him..Sometimes you have to remind yourself your not together!
Why does something so perfect always have to come to an end..
It was just another mistake,its a shame you never learn through..
Maybe next time you will get your fairytale ending...
Just not this time...
Just remember everything happens for a reason...
There's so many things i could say,but i know you'd just walk away!
I miss your smile but i miss mine the most~
No matter how much i didn't believe it,i guess i know now we just weren't meant to be!
Giving up doesn't mean you weak~
Sometimes it means your strong enough to let go...
Stuck between weather you really want him back ,or just want the feeling of being loved back~
So she's left wondering if she'll ever get a second chance..
Leaving you would never have even crossed my mind...Not even once...
Guess you can't say the same!
You promised me so many things,but you forgot one thing *To Keep Them*
So many people ask what i saw in you,but to be honest i don't even know myself..
But whatever it is i still see it...
And so here the problem,i care too much and you couldn't care less...
I hope the day you look back on this is the day you realise what you had,
But by then i doubt i'll still be waiting..
So here's to another dead end..If Only You Still Felt The Same~