Friday, February 26, 2010

I still believe on that *Word*

I still believe on that *word* .....LOVE.....
Even had too many bad things happened..
But,i still believe~ Life is full of HOPE~
Should thinking on *positive* but not *negative*

I am waiting for my LOVE...
My true LOVE...
And i do hope the LOVE can be a happy ending in my life~
I do hope the next true LOVE will be my FINAL love~
Is my Cupid start shooting already??

Far distance LOVE~
It's really hard to maintain the relationship..
Unable to meet often,kiss, hug, pillow talk and ect..
It's too bad..
But,as i mentioned..Nothing is impossible~
The *HOPE* can to be a *MIRACLE*
If work hard for the hope,i believe will have miracle!

I just follow the feeling,and i trust on my feeling..
My six sense ^^
Finally,today u told me that u should stop bother me anymore!
You SAD but happy for me,because i got a target ^^
But you never answer my question!!!You never answer!!!
I asked u,how come can't treat me as your normal friend??
You never and never answer..........