Friday, March 12, 2010

12032010 ~Happy Day~

Yuhooooo~ Today Agnes had a nice day with happy mood ^^

I miss my *tobby* so so so muchhhhh~ To my *tobby*:
What are u doing now and the whole day in stranger house??
U got cry or not??
Did u sleep well?
Do u feel happy or scared now??
Do u miss me??? (i miss u so much and i really do)
Did u eat fulllllll fulllllll???
Must drink plenty of water ya... Since u get sick le~
Do u know,i tried to don't let my tears fall from my eyes till very tired!!
I hope u can be happy every day without me T_T

Today,my Darling asked me some questions..
Darling...I am not a play girl,so i hope you are not as well~
You are serious to me, too~
I hope the BIG PROBLEM won't effect our relationship~
But,it really make us more cherish the relationship and each other~
Darling,you are so lucky la^^ Coz u having me ^^ hahaha
I am a good girl than u think ^^ (i guess la) :p
I miss u very much~ Miss u more than i miss my dad's..
How wish i can see u NOW and want u to hug me tightly till i feel enough~
Hmm..But,it will only can happen few times in a year ^^

I don't wanna join the year end Taiwan trip d!!
I don't wanna explain and don't ask me ok!!!
Whatever,today is a happy day and now is 1157am ^^