Thursday, July 10, 2008

GiRL iN LoSs BUT fInAlly gEt wHat I wAnt

I think this time only is my real time to starting my new life.. Changing~~

I am so very luckily, because i have my real best friends/family members and 2 very important persons to help me!!!

They keep help me to changing a more wonderful and meaningful life..

Last few days, i still considering many many many about my future!!

I lost... I do not know what should do, but dance still in my mind... ^o^

Today i make a good decision~~ I do not know will change again or not, because nobody
know what will happen in the future right??

Hope every things will be alright for me ya~~~

After get full payment from the bad client (pub), i will consider to stop all event job..
Really disappointed.. And also very tired to do any about event.. No more meaningful..

Some more don't think i have extra time to manage girl already~~

Me will working in TDC soon, finally i go back to a place that i started my meaningful life..
And continue my meaningful and busy life.. haha...

So in my future life is only working in TDC, Teaching dance, Dance classes, Dance show only...
Wow!! Good ^_^ I like it~~~

Next Monday on, i will become a very very very busy girl.. I need to work for Marlboro job..
Attend yoga class and the theory class will start on 24th July...

I have no extra time to sleep and watch TV show already, haha...

The 2 very important persons really helped me much much much!!!
I owe them much much much too!!

Now i only hope i can collect the full payment from the pub, then every things about event are settle and END!!

Please.. Tonight i must get pay from the pub ah!!!