Friday, March 19, 2010

^^^..........Confusing..........^^^ + Don't read my blog!!!!!

I am thinking of all about what you told me just now~
I will think about that very seriously~
Time will prove me the truth..
Maybe my decision is RIGHT..
By the way,i do hope no one will involved~
Otherwise,i will just disappear~

To you you you you you you you!!!
Stop reading my blog la!!!
Here is only for my be lover GIRL FRIENDS and Ji Mui..
My Darling,i hope u are NOT reading now!!
Here is the place to let me speak out something from my heart~
Something not to let you know then i can just write down~
When i super free,i will review what i post ^^
You guys!!! STOP reading, thanks...

Every Friday and Saturday i also busy to answer peoples question~
Such likes about clubbing,dating,shopping and blablabla...
Seem like Agnes Yap must going out on Fri and Sat night!!
I'm planning to go Pavilion on Sat noon~
Steamboat at night..
Sunday?????Hmm.......Stay at home or go some where walk walk..
Since i bought many new clothes ^^
Is time to ban leng leng with my new clothes ^^
By the way,i ♥ my SK2 very much~
It was make my skin become more nice^^
Can't stop to ask my mummy's to touch my baby skin,hahaha...
If My Darling is here,sure i will keep asking him to sayang my face^^

To answer your question~ YUP!! Don't smoke in front of me!!!
hahahahaha~ you can away far far far from me then smoke~
You can't stop smoking never mind :p
Then i just stop breathing ^^
wahahahahahahahahahaha (sure Kek Sei my Darling)