Monday, May 10, 2010

Family diNNer ♥ 10052010 ♥

Family Dinner~
Venue: Leisure Mall ^DRAGON-i^
Time: 7pm
Date: 10-05-2010
Member: Nes, Mom, Vicky, Pires & naughty little girl
Bill paid by: VICKY YAP (Thanks Boss) :p

We are planned dinner at Pavilion & shopping at Lot 10 Pavilion..
Unfortunately,it was raining very heavily..
So our plan changed to go Leisure Mall...
Lets plan another day to go Pavilion shop again^^

♥ Dinner Time ♥

This little girl is very naughty..
She's just as naughty as Agnes ^^
But we love her so much...Too cute to be true~

===Xiu Long Bao===
One of my favourite..
I like the soup in between the pork & skin~

===Nai Wong Bao===
My stupid younger bro's ordered it~
Agnes DON'T LIKE it!

I'd like to order a bowl of soup,but there are just got few choices..
And Agnes only could order this:
===Pure Chicken Soup===

===Seafood TouFu in hot pot===
After i eaten few toufu,i only realized that the sauces is in Black colour..
Shit!!! Bless me & wish me luck~

I really don't know what's this...
Some kind likes fried chicken in small pieces~
The ingredients are dry chili & salt...(i guess)

===Vege Vege Vege===
A kind of LIGHT food...

===Beijing style of duckie===
Honestly,not really nice...

It was making by my stupid bro's...
He doesn't has the sense of art & creative :p
===Ugly Duckie Set===

I was asking my bro to feeds her some *Dry Chili*
hahahahaha~ But she was just too clever..
---Turned the head to the other side---

* Dinner Finished *

Don't disturb me on these coming few days to 1 week~
Don't mess with me,i am serious!!

Another 18 days to go ^^
Hope the doctor will tell me that i am FULLY RECOVER~
Then is time to back to Clubbing Party life~
All the Handsome & Pretty..Ladies & Gentlemen...
I know you guys are waiting for me~
I will be back soon~ Pheeeweeee.....