Monday, May 24, 2010

Last week of May'2010

Woo Hoo.....Finally today is 24th of May ^^
It's end of the month!!
Another don't know 10 or 11 days my hubby will be in Malaysia~
Lets continue counting down for it...

Today is my bad luck Monday..
Sigh...i am lazy to tell you guys about the story because i have been repeat and repeat to many peoples the same story!!

I am gonna open another new blog^^
Here got a lot of my old memories,i did share the sad and happy story with u guys since few years ago,and now i decided to stop to update any latest news here...
More than 200 posts,tonight i am going to read all of the old and new posts,after that i will stop~
I hope i can do it :p

Thanks for supporting me all the times..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A story gonna end soon...

就和你所说的一样 *I am who i am*
如果要你迁就我到那么不开心,那我只好说声 *SORRY*
每个女孩在一段恋情刚开始的时候,都会想要和对方有着那么一个 *forever*


Thank to you my ai ren..
You are always so honest to me,whatever you told me i also keep it in my mind and will never forget..
Sorry about something,i have a complicated feeling that makes me lost the confident to maintain the relationship,i just be honest to you too..
I feel something,that's from female 6th senses..
Sometimes i trust horoscope is just because its always telling the truth,not asking to give up but find a solution..
Trust me,i will work harder to keep it on but not give up...Don't disappoint me,i believe that you are good man..
But,if i always ask you to stop this and that and makes you so unhappy,then i will stop it and let you go...I just want you to be happy with me but not suffer~

I have many things feels like to speak out,but i know i have to keep in my heart..

Darling,i hope you can control your temper because i am really scared of talking with you :p
I am really loves you too much to do so~
Maybe don't have forever this such thing,but i hope me & you can stay together as long as we can..
Miss you ^^

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~~ 複雑な気持ち ~~

I have a complicated feeling these few days,i know i should stop thinking too much but i couldn't control it...Stop all over it and let the time prove everything..

I am wondering how comes you guys will tell me those things so sudden? Makes me don't know how to facing you guys,don't you know i am suffering of it? Stop telling me please,i will still treat yours as my friend..

Me & Him are happy together now,if you are planning to spoil my relationship then i gotta tell you that you will disappointed..If you know i am in a relationship with him now then you should stop thinking about that and don't tell me anything already~
I never flirt with you guys and i really do treat yours as my normal friend,if i was do something that makes yours misunderstood or gets wrong feeling then i apologized here~

To D1:
My name is Agnes,please don't call me as your BB! I don't accept anyone to call me this nick unless you are my hubby or my 3D...Just now when u told me those things,others than offline,i didn't know what else i can do~ Sorry.. Give me some times and i will talk to you again..

To D2:
Hmm..I was so surprise when you were telling me those things,i never expect you still remember me and kept me in your heart,support and concern me all the times quietly~ But i only can say *Thank to you for all these*,i won't and not willing related into any messy relationship..You said you want me,you need me~ Thanks for telling me this but what i think is only because you were unhappy at the moment and just needs a talk~ Anyhow,i hope i won't listen it from you anymore~ Keep the friendship and just let it go! Sorry if i said something not so nice to you..

I don't like to argue with anyone especially my loves,i was feel damn sad when argue with you..What i can do is only be silent,i think is the better way for you and me~
Agnes wants to say *sorry* again to YOU MR DLKJ~
If i make you unhappy or angry then please tell me straightly as i wanna know what i did wrongs ^^

我永远都不会让自己再去相信 *Forever* 这玩意啦。
*Promise* 如果把它当真,只会让自己再有机会去体会什么是伤痛,失望。
无论怎样都好,只要你开心,Go ahead......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to ignore the SAD and HURT

I think this post only my blog followers can read due to i stop my facebook account..Some of the peoples can't click the link that provide by me on my wall page d~

Last night,something happened..
The sadness still hasn't gone,insomnia the whole night..
Gastric the whole night..
Went out alone in the midnight,the street was so dark and quiet..
I should feel the scary but i didn't,maybe just because my brain is blank and the heart is pain...
Feels like to cry but i didn't..Just because i already used to it the feeling..

Maybe its doesn't matter to you but its matter to me...
Whatever you can do at me~ Hit me,scold me,bite me but can't ignore my call...
Do you know how sad is me when u click the end call button??
1st time.........
2nd times..........
It was makes me think back the case which is happened on 16th Oct 2009...
The 1st calling.....
Finally,voice mail...
My heart was as pain as heart attack..
After half year,i got the same feeling again..
I am not angry at all,but i sad and disappointed..
I could understand you were very angry and not in the mood when i calling you..
But,i really hope you can take care of my feeling..
Maybe for some guys,they never understand..
That why i didn't blame on anyone..

I don't dare to loves again..It was makes my heart damn pain...I promised myself cannot drop a single tear because of a guy..
After an hour sleep,woke up and out for work...When having my lunch alone at the corner,i was looking at the lunch box,all those rices are mixing with my tears..Telling myself,another 10 seconds gotta stop it...It's hard for me...
I need a shoulder, a hug, a talk...But i don't have...

Its hurt me so deep,is because i love u deeply~
I unable to forget the moment when i saw you end my calling..Never and ever~

I have to say SORRY again to you as well,but i was just play for fun..Maybe you still don't know what's a girl purpose to do that~ But its not important to know anymore..
I hope you can forgive me...

Is it the only way to protect myself not to get hurt again is only to be alone, single and not available? I'm tired of it...

Chrys and Debbie.. See you guys on this coming Friday at KLCC ya~
Beer session and a long chat...
I don't care the eyes and the scar anymore...I need alcohol...

Danny and Kelvin..You guys really makes me *touching* till the tears dropping..Just because i unhappy and you guys planning to comes KL visit me and club with me...

Number,Daddy and my buddies...Thanks for the support although all of you don't know what's going on and what happened to me....You guys always give me a warm support without any question~

In these 2 weeks,2 of my ex came and look for me...I think i know what u guys want...But,so sorry about it...I won't let a same guy to hurt me the 2nd time...Whatever la,we still can be normal friend~

Without all of you,i don't know how to spend my sad sad day.. Thank to you all for the concerns ^^

Anyhow,after the long talk...I thought my sadness will gone...But it doesn't...Is it another insomnia night??

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bitch.. Emo Bitch..

***Bitch,Emo bitch***
Hey girl,stop acting innocent over there..
You are not OK! You are not!!
What you are have to facing now is just because you did the decision..
That's what you told me and now you are telling me *regretted* ??
Oh No Way!! I won't help you..
You are not a kid anymore..Please understand the responsibility..
Stop Emo-ing over there and stop affecting peoples that around you..
Do you know i was damn bored when peoples asking me how comes nowadays you are so emo..
We are tired and bored of talking about you..
Whenever they talk about you,i will only say stop talking about HER..
She wanna be an emo girl,she wanna act like so innocent!!
Lets HER be...
I swear,if you find something to argue with me,i will start it and fight with you..
Bitch, please listen carefully now..
I am not the one who is like to fight with people,not only you but everyone..
And i don't hope you are interested to do that to me~
Maybe i should ignored it since you are just a nobody..
However,if you are really interested to piss me off then just go ahead ^^

***complicated Relationship***
It's hard to explain to you since you are a guy and i am a girl~
You love her is because you need her OR
You need her because you love her??

I will say she's still loves you but giving up...
You still got the last chance since she hasn't got a boyfriend now but yet..
What you told me is you love her the most but in the same time,you love the current girlfriend as well...
You could only choose either ONE..
No any girls are willing to share a boyfriend with another girl~
Got it???
Friend,be steady and be stable!
Anyhow,i will support you always but please be understanding that i am a girl,it means i will support the girl the most ^^

***Counting Down***
Yippie Yippie......
Another 10 days to go,29/5 is coming coming coming soon :p
I hope everything are fine to me and the doctor's will tell me that Agnes is fully recovered :p
I can't wait for back to party life!!!
Damn no life in this month,hard to alive without alcohol and party..
By the way,it does makes my body and health becomes more healthy and slim slim :p

***Hubby ar Hubby***
I am so excited now!!
Although i still feel like dreaming now,because the decision u make was too suddenly...
But anyhow,i really really very very happy when i know you are coming back in Malaysia very soon ^^
My life will become more wonderful again because i got you..
I won't feel the loneliness anymore..
The most important is...Please clear the *hutang list* :p
Can't wait to see you ya my loveeeee...Miss you!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

16051020 Sunday

Finally,it comes~
Just be mad at it~ Don't try to piss me off on these coming few days!
I really need a good rest~

Hairdo plan was postponed to next weekend as i couldn't make it due to some personal reason~
Went to Sg Wang with 2 leng lui & mummy for brunch (U-Village)
I bought a SK-2 cleansing foam and Shiseido eyes cream..
Some chocolates from Isetan..
Walk until i feel the pain like hell then i decided to stop shopping and go home~

Monday is coming again & i am waiting for another weekend ^^
Hubby is coming home........Makes me so excited^^
How wish today is already 31/5 but not 16/5..
Mr Daryl,faster book your return flight and let me know the date and time!
Fast fast fast!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I am really very down now!!
You were spoil my Friday..My happy shopping day..
Why you treat me like that? Why??

After tonight,we won't be friend anymore even through just a friend~
As you tell me *As you wish*
Stop talking all of the old memories to me...
My new life was start and i love my new life with my new friends new buddies & my hubby very much~
Stop contact each other and just treat me as a stranger OK...
This is the last time to talk about you and HER..
In my future,my life won't have both of you..
We don't have anything related to each other anymore~
Everything is totally END and no next time~
Forget all of the old memories as i really don't wanna remember and talk about that~
From now on,we are the stranger to each other~
This is what i wish and what i want~
Delete my contact number and i did so...
I am here to wish you will get your dream girl...Take care~

To YOU..
What's your purpose to doing that?
I wish you can stop to view & read my blog...
If you really wanna piss me off then i have to inform you..
You Will Regret!!!
Can't you stop all the childish actions?
I was QUIT...
You could just do whatever you like but don't get me relate into it!
No next time thanks! I don't wanna listen anything about you!!
Stop all over it!!!

What a bad Friday~
Forgot bring the charger back home! Tomorrow morning hadda wake up earlier and go take my charger!! Sigh.....

All of us are counting down for you^^ Welcome back in Malaysia^^ Soon.......
I won't be alone anymore~
I wish you are here now to accompany me when i down...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Family diNNer ♥ 10052010 ♥

Family Dinner~
Venue: Leisure Mall ^DRAGON-i^
Time: 7pm
Date: 10-05-2010
Member: Nes, Mom, Vicky, Pires & naughty little girl
Bill paid by: VICKY YAP (Thanks Boss) :p

We are planned dinner at Pavilion & shopping at Lot 10 Pavilion..
Unfortunately,it was raining very heavily..
So our plan changed to go Leisure Mall...
Lets plan another day to go Pavilion shop again^^

♥ Dinner Time ♥

This little girl is very naughty..
She's just as naughty as Agnes ^^
But we love her so much...Too cute to be true~

===Xiu Long Bao===
One of my favourite..
I like the soup in between the pork & skin~

===Nai Wong Bao===
My stupid younger bro's ordered it~
Agnes DON'T LIKE it!

I'd like to order a bowl of soup,but there are just got few choices..
And Agnes only could order this:
===Pure Chicken Soup===

===Seafood TouFu in hot pot===
After i eaten few toufu,i only realized that the sauces is in Black colour..
Shit!!! Bless me & wish me luck~

I really don't know what's this...
Some kind likes fried chicken in small pieces~
The ingredients are dry chili & salt...(i guess)

===Vege Vege Vege===
A kind of LIGHT food...

===Beijing style of duckie===
Honestly,not really nice...

It was making by my stupid bro's...
He doesn't has the sense of art & creative :p
===Ugly Duckie Set===

I was asking my bro to feeds her some *Dry Chili*
hahahahaha~ But she was just too clever..
---Turned the head to the other side---

* Dinner Finished *

Don't disturb me on these coming few days to 1 week~
Don't mess with me,i am serious!!

Another 18 days to go ^^
Hope the doctor will tell me that i am FULLY RECOVER~
Then is time to back to Clubbing Party life~
All the Handsome & Pretty..Ladies & Gentlemen...
I know you guys are waiting for me~
I will be back soon~ Pheeeweeee.....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A day with Mummy's ♥

I had a great day with mummy..
Went to one of my favorite place ♥ Bangsar ♥

We were having lunch at Sakae Sushi..
So regretted to go there because i only can take Ramen as my lunch!!
My mummy's ate many plate of *red plate* sushi and Mochi..
And me,just the Teppanyaki Chicken Ramen..

Finished our lunch,should be is time to SHOP ^^
But outside is still raining likes a dog!!
We have to stuck in the Bangsar Village 2..
So i decided to go Nails Couture to remove my *jelly nails* & manicure^^
She told me that my nails is in BAD condition,i can't colouring my nails in these 3 weeks and no more nails extension!!
I was fucking SAD when i heard that!
I bought a bottle of Nails Envy & remover~
==Fake nails remover + Manicure + 2 bottles==
All together she cost me RM 260.. Damn!!!
I promised mummy's,i will bring her comes again for the pedicure & i will go for the pedicure *foot spa* ♥

♥ Shopping Session ♥
I bought two pieces of dress & a belt~
Agnes like it so much~
Total amount = RM 230 ^^ (for May'2010)
No more shopping for this month,i hope i can do it :p
After done my shopping,heading to * Juice *
Was looking the *shoes* for my Hubby ♥
Unfortunately,the shoes already out of stock!!
The price is RM 900 ++
Damn expensive..Because it is *limited*
Limited edition and only few pairs in Malaysia~

How sad when i heard that!
I thought i can give my Darling a surprise!!
**Because the time when he online & see my FB status,sure he know i was looking the shoes for him,and at the same time,the shoes should be with me d**

The boy told me that will have ONE limited edition short shoes coming soon,should be available in next month..Probably the stock is less than 10 pairs..

No mood after visited the Juice..
Decided to go Alexis & have a cup of hot chocolate~
Hope the drink can cheers up my mood again ^^

My mom's asked me about the fucker in sudden..
And this topic of him was last for 10 minutes..
Time to changes topic!!
We were talking about my hubby and it's very funny when i talked about him to my mom's ^^
See!! You brought a lot of joy to me ♥
I told my mom's..You wanted me to cook for you..
I thought she will stand at my side & support me not to cook for you~
But!! She just said that:
Girl,then i teach you how to cooks the ABC soup & others..
What the fuck!
I can't imagine when the day both of them meet & bully me together!!

Some one told me,bully me is one of his hobby..
If only love me will be very bored..
Damn it...But what to do...
I just love the naughty boy~
Darling Daryl, I ♥ You..

Every day i also have to take some times for some treatment~
I am so lazy to do that but i have no choice..
I don't hope to be a pork chop!

I ♥ SK2 (after face cleansing)

* after hair wash * i don't like it but i still have to use it!

My Pretty House new members..Use it EVERYDAY onto my nails!

♥ Everyday ♥
After wake up & Before sleep

My life can't live without my pretty house members..
Recently,without any makes up...
It is good to let the skin has a rest...^^

Friday, May 7, 2010

What do you want!!!!!

Dad, just tell us straightly!!!
What do you want?
Don't you know u keep doing those stupid things is really damn pissed us off..
Can't you try another way to concerns us?
Is that the only way that u could do for us?
I tell you,we are really disappointed at you!!
Stop talking those fucking words to makes my mom's unhappy n sad!!
I am so lucky that u never have my contact number..
If not,i will fucking regretted for sure~
Can't you don't call her when u are get drunk??
I really don't know what is in your mind and what are you thinking??
You are not a young man,but u are childish than a younger~
I know i shouldn't say it to you like that!
As you are my dad but not a nobody~

What the fucking feeling when dinner with you was just like dinner with a stranger~
I know if you are hear it surely will scold me or be fucking sad!!
But,i just say the truth..
Meet you twice in a year~
Family day?? what's that?
What does a father should do for a family?
For his wife & children?
U don't know what's responsibility!!
Maybe u have your personal reason,but u might to share with us coz we are a family¬
But you never!!

I wish my mummy's will be having a happy mother day..
Don't ever try to spoil her mood!
Mr Yap,thanks for your cooperation..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

♥ Naughty Girl ♥ Bad Girl ♥

I swear to god..
I am going to be a naughty girl...
Be a naughty girl and prepared heading to the club soon!

Daily horoscope said:
Agnes is a Emo crab today..
True! I am not in the mood & damn bad!!

I swear i won't stay at home on this coming weekend~
Will going to P and B..
These 2 places sure can cheers my days!!!
I can't wait for it anymore,luckily tomorrow is Friday!

Wow~~ The single costume party is on the plan now!!
Sure that will be a super crazy night in the hotel!!
Crazier to be true ♥

Empty promises~
Don't simply to makes any promise to me...As i already get a lot of empty promises~
Fed up with it...
Guys,remember...Don't do it to me anymore!
I hate the feeling of *disappointed*

Is Mother day coming? Sat or Sun??
I have no any idea how to celebrate for her yet..
P or B??
Is time to makes a plan for it...

Hey,Mr Daryl...
Don't bully at me anymore,can you??
Hate you..........
You can do it unless you don't love me anymore~~~

Monday, May 3, 2010

What am i thinking??

Maybe is just because i damn free now..
Ignored me...

I swear i won't stay at home during this coming weekend..
Surely will go out..
Can't wait to meet up with my dear ♥
I miss you~

Please tell me what time is the dinner on this coming Sat or Sun ASAP la~
I have to arrange my time ^^
♥ Dating,Shopping,Gathering ♥
Can't wait for it ya~~~

I think my father's there got something wrongs with him..
They were telling my mother's something about him..
But,it was too complicated..
I don't know how to explain for this mess story..
Make me damn headache!
I am tired of listen of his story but he's my dad's..
I am tired of face up the problem for him but he's my dad's..
What does he gave me in these 20 years plus?
However,he's still my father's...
What can i do?
I couldn't help him at all,unless he's willing to changes himself..
But i don't think he will...
Guess what??!!!
Exactly...He's a bad husband's, an useless father's..
But what i can do?He's my only one father!!

He's the one forced me to be a strong girl~
He's the one make me to be tough~
I'd rather i don't even know what's Strong & Tough..
It was makes me very tired and feel unsafe of my life~

I feel like to drop down everything & leave Malaysia..
Go wherever that i can..
Just alone..........
Meet my dearest friends.....
Start a new life.....
I wish i could but..........
I am trying to make it to be happens~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

♥ I Dare To Say ♥

I dare to say:
I will never regret what i choose..
Especially YOU *Daryl* ♥

I will never regret the way that i choose..
The way i choose,the way i walk ♥
No U-turn~

Never regretted to break with yours..
Especially YOU *Chung*..
I dare to say:
I am a good girlfriend ♥

I will be a good wife ♥

I will be a good mother ♥
P/s: Dare to say and Dare to do is difference oh :p

Starting to learn cooking again..
Forgotten how many years didn't cook a table of foods by myself already~
Especially *Chinese Foods*
Gotta back to the life with learn cooking~
I am a clever girl..
I think it won't be a big problem to me...
But,i am a lazy girl...Lol
I admit,i am~
This time i learn cooking is because of him ♥
I feel the happiness when i cooking n thinking of HIM ♥
This is what he bring to me,even through he's not beside of me...
Mr Henry's told me that he's gonna marry soon^^
Really happy to heard that...
I can be 1 of the Ji Mui and play his Heng Dei..
Let's chat more with him on coming weekend when i see him^^
He's going to buy me a lunch..Yuhoo~
Thank to you 1st ya~
Weekend is going to be END soon~
Monday again!! Monday blue ya!!!
I do hope my outlet won't be SO cold as last week...
I don't wanna get flu again..

Oh My God!!
My 013 & 016 lines were barred in the same time~
Can't use my BB online T_T
No BBM,No sms and call...
Tomorrow once i reach my outlet,surely will pay the 013 bill 1st..
My life can't live without my BB la...

Is time to go bed,very sleepy after i took the medicine for my flu..
Good night & Sweet Dream to me ♥