Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~~ 複雑な気持ち ~~

I have a complicated feeling these few days,i know i should stop thinking too much but i couldn't control it...Stop all over it and let the time prove everything..

I am wondering how comes you guys will tell me those things so sudden? Makes me don't know how to facing you guys,don't you know i am suffering of it? Stop telling me please,i will still treat yours as my friend..

Me & Him are happy together now,if you are planning to spoil my relationship then i gotta tell you that you will disappointed..If you know i am in a relationship with him now then you should stop thinking about that and don't tell me anything already~
I never flirt with you guys and i really do treat yours as my normal friend,if i was do something that makes yours misunderstood or gets wrong feeling then i apologized here~

To D1:
My name is Agnes,please don't call me as your BB! I don't accept anyone to call me this nick unless you are my hubby or my 3D...Just now when u told me those things,others than offline,i didn't know what else i can do~ Sorry.. Give me some times and i will talk to you again..

To D2:
Hmm..I was so surprise when you were telling me those things,i never expect you still remember me and kept me in your heart,support and concern me all the times quietly~ But i only can say *Thank to you for all these*,i won't and not willing related into any messy relationship..You said you want me,you need me~ Thanks for telling me this but what i think is only because you were unhappy at the moment and just needs a talk~ Anyhow,i hope i won't listen it from you anymore~ Keep the friendship and just let it go! Sorry if i said something not so nice to you..

I don't like to argue with anyone especially my loves,i was feel damn sad when argue with you..What i can do is only be silent,i think is the better way for you and me~
Agnes wants to say *sorry* again to YOU MR DLKJ~
If i make you unhappy or angry then please tell me straightly as i wanna know what i did wrongs ^^

我永远都不会让自己再去相信 *Forever* 这玩意啦。
*Promise* 如果把它当真,只会让自己再有机会去体会什么是伤痛,失望。
无论怎样都好,只要你开心,Go ahead......