Thursday, May 15, 2008

美杉 "21岁" 生日~~现在才与你们分享

Jamie, Jia Jia, Me, Tiffy, Carmen~~

Me and darling loh~~ Seldom take photo with him~~ Because i don't like to
take photo..haha

Group photo ^o^
Johnny, Jacky, Jeffery, Jamie, Jia, Me, Darling, Tiffy, Carmen, Evelyn..
And still got 1 guy but i forgot his name already..hehe

In Neway..
They all reached at 830pm but i told them reach at 7pm..
It's my friends attitude..
What's my birthday wish?? Hmm.. Really forgot already.. But i think is about

My birthday present is Coach bag from darling..
Versace perfume and some some from friends..
I love that :)

But long time didn't hang out with them already :(
All busy busy busy...No money No money :(
Me too :p haha~~~