Thursday, April 17, 2008

开始教舞蹈课啰 ^o^

Am i a top student in ballet class?? haha... don't know!! Only know that i am a lazy student!!
So i stop to dance almost 4 years..
But this year 2008 i decided to continue all my dance classes..
But need a lot money to pay the fees ya~~~
So i decided to supply girl to work as a dinner girl in night club.
Only this way i can earn more money and got time to go for dance classes..

Today i think is my lucky day,because aunt Amy's told me that,my lovely teacher Miss Liew's
asked me start to teaching dance class.
So happy but afraid something..
Because i am not really understanding what is CDPC class..
So i don't know what should i prepare?? what should i teach??
what should i tell my student?? What should i wear??
Ballet mix yoga?? Yoga mix jazz?? Ballet mix modern dance?? Tap mix mordern dance??
I'll try my best~~ I believe i can do it well~~
I can't make my teacher/family/boy friend/friends disappoint again~~

all of them will supporting me always right??
Tomorrow wanna go KLCC Kinokuniya book store buy a book.
Last few day i bought a book from there-Step by Step Ballet Class-..
This time i want buy -How to teach children dance-..
I think i need it and the book is useful for me~~~
RM 100++ is that worth??
Why all dance books are so expensive??